January 07, 2014

It was a good one...

Good morning friends.  I know I am way late in posting my Christmas post, but oh well. I'll do my best to post more often this year.  
After Mama came home from the hospital and began feeling much better, I was able to get in the Christmas spirit.  I finally felt like smiling and doing some Christmas activities.  
Our school got out a little earlier than the county school system.  The last week was lots of fun.  Our class worked hard on finishing up ornaments that would be gifts for parents.  Darbee's class worked really hard on getting ready for their Christmas play.  
It was adorable.  She was an angel and did so good!  This was the first time she has ever been on stage speaking in front of others.  
They all were precious!

They sang several songs and each had a speaking part.

Here is my little angel saying her part, "Listen to what I say. Pray for peace people everywhere. Listen to what I say."

Once we were out of school, we were in full Christmas mode.  We had a lot of shopping to do and a lot of baking too!
We made fudge and trail mix with Nana.  

On Christmas Eve, we have a family tradition of all going to eat breakfast together.  Hubby was on call and had to work this year.  Darbee and I met Nana and Papa at Shoneys and had a yummy meal.  We headed out afterwards to buy a few last minute stocking stuffers and then to Kathy's for our family Christmas.  Our family might be small but we enjoy being together.

After Kathy's, we headed to Nana's.  We always open presents over there on Christmas Eve.
Darbee was thrilled!  She was so excited she couldn't stand it.  To add to that, we had the t.v. on and our local news station was tracking Santa.  Just look at these expressions.  They are priceless.

They even showed him in his sleigh!

Many months ago when Nana asked Darbee what she wanted for Christmas, she told her, "Duck tape, hand sanitizer and wipes."  Where that came from, I don't know!  Crazy kid.  Every time since then when she asked her, it was the same thing.  
The top thing on her list for Santa was an Ashton Drake doll.  Well....little does Darbee know, Santa has a way of talking to Nana and Papa and sharing her wish list with them. :) smile
Nana and Papa decided they wanted to get her the doll.  BUT...Darbee had no idea.  Her present under the tree was small.  It sure didn't look like a baby doll.

As the presents were passed out, she really didn't know what to think.
Her first present was a really cute picture frame for her playhouse.  It says "Just us girls" at the top. Perfect.

The next one was a bag.  
Can you guess what was inside?
Yup....duck tape, hand sanitizer and wipes.

I don't think she was very happy.  Look at this face.
Nana had already told her she had another present hid in another room though.  She had no idea what awaited her.
I was as excited as could be. I couldn't wait to see her face.
She never caught on the entire time she was unwrapping it.  
But oh the excitement when she realized she had her doll.  
It brought tears to my eyes.

She was so happy!

Nana was happy too.  We couldn't wait to play with her.

Doesn't she look real?

You should feel her.  She really breathes and has a heartbeat that you can feel also.
It's amazing.

I think Darbee's Christmas was made.  Santa was welcome but she was a happy girl already!
What more did Santa need to bring?  smile.

There were a few more things on her list that Santa had remembered.
We hurried home, threw out our reindeer food and hurried to get ready for bed. Just as we were preparing for bed, there was a knock at the door.  Who could that be so late?  Darbee ran to the door to find Nana and Papa with their overnight bag!  They surprised her and came to spend Christmas Eve night with her!  She was beyond excited. They would be there in the morning to play!

The next morning, She and her new doll Katie couldn't wait to get in the living room and see what Santa had left.  Boy did he leave a lot!  She is one blessed little girl!

She loved her American Girl dvd.

And was really excited to find a baby bed for Katie.

And even a new stroller for her too!

She loved her new bean bag too!  How comfy!

 Hubby had to go to work after he saw Darbee open her presents.  Nana and Papa were here and we had no plans but to play ALL day!  It was so much fun.  

Papa had to do a little work though...he got the job of putting together Katie's bed and also my fire pit which was a gift to me from them. 
Luckily though, he had a good helper.

When hubby came home later that evening, we opened our stockings.
Darbee knows that Mommy and Daddy fill the stockings but Santa brings the presents. (smile)
So..she had no idea what Mommy had found for her. 
She was just as excited about opening her stocking.

She had lots of fun surprises in there.  
The best one of all was such a surprise. 

I had got an Origami Owl necklace for my anniversary.  I LOVE IT! Darbee wanted one but I told her that would come when she was a little older. **wink**  I knew all along I had ordered her one and couldn't wait for her to open it.  It was tucked in the very bottom of her stocking.

Do you think she was a little excited when she saw it?
Hehe...love the face!

I will share the necklaces in another post. 
Have you ever heard of them?  You will love them too.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  We were all together.  We were all healthy.
We were all blessed.

I have enjoyed reading all of your posts too!
Stay warm and cozy!

Until next time....


  1. How fun that your parents were there for Christmas morning!

  2. So glad your momma was well for christmas true blessing.Oh to have Darbee's excitement would just be magical..smile..~Amy

  3. Children are so precious! What a lovely post..broought tears of joy reading it. Darbee Rae is truly a little angel! Janice

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!! It is so fun to see Christmas thru the eyes of a child!!
    So glad that your mama is doing better.

  5. Oh my goodness.
    I love all the photos of your dear, but love the one with the duct tape.To cute.
    Yes you had a very wonderful Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Woolie Hugs

  6. What a wonderful Christmas and "we" all deserve it after Angela gave us all such a scare at Thanksgiving. I am so happy to see you all so hapyp. Darbee is a special little girl(I don't need to tell you that" and I think you all need to do the jar for Angela.I have loved it. Mollie even told Amanda what to write. Deb heard her telling her.lol

  7. Darbee Rae made a perfect Christmas angel! So happy to hear your mom is well and that you all had a good Christmas. :)