January 23, 2014

A day at home....

Good afternoon! It's so cold here but I know so many of you have weather so much worse than ours.  We have no snow, just cold.  I wish we could see a little snow but it doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon.
I am home today with a sick little one.  There has been a horrible stomach virus going around and it seems as if Darbee has caught it.  She was up in the middle of the night last night and isn't feeling much better today.  So..I stayed home from work and she stayed home from school.  We are just hanging out and relaxing today.  Hoping she is feeling better soon.  I hate it when she is sick. 

I know most of you have already read my mom's blog about our girls trip, but I had to share a few pictures too.  We had a long weekend thanks to a holiday so we girls headed out of town for a much needed get away.  

We went to visit my aunt Maudie and her family.

Since they have moved, we don't see them as often. Darbee was so excited.
She has fun wherever she goes so she was so happy to be going somewhere new. We had a great time.  We stayed up late, shopped and just enjoyed visiting.  

While we were there, Darbee lost another tooth!  I can't believe how many teeth she has already lost. 
She already has two "grown up teeth" coming in on the bottom.  Wow.  My "baby" is growing up way too fast.

Can you believe the tooth fairy still was able to find her way up in Cleveland, TN?  Darbee said she was magic and she could find her anywhere she went.  Guess she is right. (smile) I was a little worried how she would feel with no front teeth, but she couldn't wait to go back to school and show it off.  She was so excited to share with her class.  Her teacher makes it sort of a big deal.  THey get a certificate and get to bring the tooth book bag home for the night.  How neat.

Nothing much new is going on.  School is going good and I am still loving my job.  Those kids are so cute and keep me smiling.  
I am in charge of doing the bulletin board in the hallway right outside our classroom.  I had to share what we did for January.  I just love them.

They made themselves looking up in the sky and catching snowflakes on their tongue.  
I LOVE these.  They are so cute.  They had fun making them too. 
I've got to get busy coming up with something for February. It will be here very soon.  

We are staying inside today and snuggling in.  It is not supposed to get out of the 30's for the next few days.  Brrrr!  
Hope all of you are staying warm too.

Until next time....


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Hope Darbee feels better soon!

  2. Get better soon Darbee!

    Glad you all had a good time on your trip! It's been a long time since my kids lost their front teeth. I think it's so cute.

    The January bulletin board idea is too cute!

  3. Oh,,,It makes me feel sad when my Darbee Rae is sick. Maybe it won't last long. Can't keep a prissy girl down too long. Shopping is on her mind already. Love ypu both.

  4. I'm sorry your baby girl is sick... =( But I LOOOVE the little children catching snowflakes.... their teeth!!!! So cute! Yall get better soon!

  5. hope she feels better quickly!
    glad you had a wonderful trip, and your Mom is doing so much better!

  6. Sounds like you all had a great time on your girl's trip. I hope Darbee feels better soon and that you don't get it.

  7. Oh poor sweetie.
    Ive been praying.
    Hope she feels better soon.
    So glad you had a great trip.
    Woolie Hugs