February 01, 2014


Good evening everyone. 
We are finally warming up here and the snow has quickly disappeared.  The roads are fine and we have ventured out of the house again.  Life is getting back to normal.
I really enjoyed the snow and our unexpected break from school. 

I have seen several posts about a word of the year.  I enjoyed reading these and the reasons why one would choose the word they did.  I started thinking about a word for me.  My word of the year.  Wow.  SO many to choose from. So many words have a deep meaning to me.  Hmmm....One came to my mind pretty quick. I have pondered for several weeks now.  Here it is...the beginning of February and I think I have chosen a word.  

Are you ready? 

The dictionary meaning of this word says 

  • v.verb
    1. To accept as true or real.
      Do you believe the news stories?
    2. To credit with veracity.
      I believe you.
    3. To expect or suppose; think.
      I believe they will arrive shortly.
    4. To have firm faith, especially religious faith.
    5. To have faith, confidence, or trust.
      I believe in your ability to solve the problem.
    6. To have confidence in the truth or value of something.
      We believe in free speech.
    7. To have an opinion; think.
      They have already left, I believe.

I am going to believe in what my Father says and trust those words.

I am going to believe I can do those things that I don't think I can.

I am going to believe that I can be really strong and keep going when I feel like falling.

I am going to believe in fun. In laughter. In life.

I am going to believe in others even when I don't think there is any good in them. 
I will look for it.

I am going to believe in my dreams.

I am going to believe in myself.

What are you going to believe in this year?
Have you chose a word of the year?  I would love to hear what you chose!

Until next time...


  1. I BELIEVE this is your best post yet!!!!
    Love you

  2. I LOVE your word!!!! I think mine is going to be JOY!