February 13, 2014

Snow and Ice....Now Go Away!

Good afternoon friends.  I am so happy to be able to post.  We did receive a good bit of ice yesterday and some snow on top of that last night. It was really pretty on the trees but a bit scary when I heard limbs popping and falling.  We lost power several times but thankfully, not for longer than 2 hours at a time.  There are still people in our county that have been without power for more than 24 hours.  

I had to share a few pictures with you of the ice.

Hubby had to work most of the day.  Darbee and I hung out at home and cleaned house.  After those chores were done, we had a few fun activities.  We made Kool-aid paint.  It's super easy and smells yummy!  She enjoyed painting with that for a bit.

Our power went off for a few minutes in the evening and hubby got called back in to work. He took Darbee and I over to Kathy's. We got there and her power went out.  Ugh!  
We hung out there until he got off and then came home.  Thankfully, we had power.  He got called back in yet again and ended up being gone all night.  We lost power again for nearly 2 hours but it is back on this morning.  The sun is shining and it is all melting fast.  Kathy still doesn't have power so they are here hanging out with us for a while.  Darbee was so excited when she woke up to find them here.  All we need now is Nana and we could really party!

I have a few last minute Valentine things to pick up in town if we are having school tomorrow.  No word on that yet.  

I am hoping school is cancelled.  Haha.  I am so ready for it to be gone for a while.  We are out on winter break next week and are headed out of town! Yippee!  

Hope all of you that are getting more snow stay safe and warm.

Until next time...


  1. So ready for our trip. All this excitement has helped the days leading up to our vacation go by faster. Luv ya

  2. So glad you got more snow..we would gladly give you some of ours. Also glad the power did not stay oout long..lots of folks still are without power. Have fun on your trip! Janice

  3. It sounds like a good time to get out of town.
    Have fun on that trip!

  4. Hope you all have a fun and safe trip.

  5. I am visiting from TraceJ's blog. Nice to meet you. We have been snowed in for a few days now. Thankfully we did not lose power. Love seeing your little girl and all the ice trees. It was pretty and now I am ready for Spring!!! Mildred

  6. Supposed to be warmer here next week. Yippppeeeee for you

  7. We were super fortunate that the ice passed us by.