December 09, 2012

Out and about for the holidays...

Hi friends!  I hope all of you have had a great Sunday.  We went to church this morning and then hubby came home and washed and vacumed my car.  Darbee Rae asked if she could put on her bathing suit and play in the water!  Ha!  Guess that's they way of thinking when it's in the low 70's outside in the middle of December huh?  No...she didn't, but she did help wash the car. I did some house cleaning while they were outside.  
On Friday, hubby took the day off.  We surprised Darbee when we picked her up from school with a trip to Discover Mills Mall.  The Bass Pro Shop there had a Santa Wonderland. We had no idea all of that was there, so she was not dressed in a Christmas outfit, but that's ok.   It was so much fun!
We did a little shopping and then visited with Santa.  There was crafts, a shooting gallery, a coloring table and much more.  It was so fun!

Darbee enjoyed the remote controlled trucks.  She and another little boy kept crashing
their trucks into each other.

The craft for the night was a popsicle stick snowman. 

There was also a table to write a letter to Santa.
He is supposed to e-mail them back.  
We will see!

He sure had a lot of mail to read!

There was a shooting gallery.
Darbee was excited to "shoot" a pink and black BB gun just like the one she
has asked for for Christmas.  Good practice I guess.
Hubby helped her by showing her how to aim. 

There were these cute little elf people that were animated.
I love this shot of her. 
She was trying her best to figure it out and see if there was a real elf inside! :)

This one was stuck in the snow!  Hehe...

Last, was a visit with Santa. 
She was so happy to talk to him.

It was such a fun night.

I can't write a post without showing you what Elmer has been up to.

He decided he was a little hungry.  He decided to eat some of our candy cane
kisses and some pixie sticks!  He left such a mess!

This morning, he was found riding a zip line he made out of ribbon.

What a silly elf!

I hope all of you have had a great day.
We are supposed to have storms tomorrow.  Ugh...not looking forward to that.

Until next time...


  1. Elmer is a blast!! I might have to check on getting me an elf!!! I love the Bass Pro Shop anyway, but what a gift for the little ones! And Darbee Rae is so cute!!! You can tell she is excited about Christmas!!!

  2. What a stinker that little elf is!! It is going to storm here tomorrow too.

  3. I sound like a broken record, but you all are awesome parents! LOve all of Elmer's antic. Of course I pass them

  4. Hi Holly,
    Love your kitchen. I should do that with the wreaths on my cabinets...something different!!!
    Monica was asking about Elmer, so we sat down here on Sat night to catch up on his antics. Melissa has ideas for every day and Clifford is quite the mischeavous (sp) one too!!!! That Bass Pro shop is something else. We don't have anything like that around here, well close anyway!!! I've seen them in travels.
    Take care,