December 30, 2012

Christmas Time...

Good evening friends.  Where has the time gone?  I know I've been missing from blog land for a bit but I have been busy enjoying the Christmas season.
I have been checking in on your blogs but haven't been commenting much.  I promise to do better.
We had a good holiday season. Although it was a bit sad without hubby's dad, we made it and enjoyed it.
I was in charge of the party at Darbee's school.  It was a Polar Express party.  The children wore their PJ's to school and they watched the movie.  Her class went around the school to every classroom caroling.  I stayed all day with her as well as a few other parents.  It was so much fun.
I took in the snacks.  They had Christmas sugar cookies with sprinkles, "snowball" cheese balls, and reindeer donuts.  I also made homemade hot chocolate.  I used the polar express recipe and it was DELICIOUS!

Here is her class caroling in another pre-k room.
They were adorable!

Christmas Eve, we always meet and eat Christmas breakfast together.  We met Nana and Papa and enjoyed a nice breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Afterward, we went shopping for stocking stuffers.  
We had a super busy day.  We had to go to three houses for get togethers.  Whew!  We ended up at Nana's that evening for our Christmas. Darbee was so excited and wanted to open gifts first thing.

Do you think she was a little excited when she discovered what was wrapped?
Oh yea...

It was her new baby doll, Charlotte.

We had such a good day and was so ready for Santa to come. We hurried home and got to bed.  I think I was just as excited as Darbee.  I was like a kid too!

Before we headed to bed though, Darbee had to tell Elmer bye as he would be going home with Santa until next year.  
Darbee was allowed to touch him since he would be leaving that night.
She gave him many hugs and kisses and sadly told him bye.  

She placed him right by the door so Santa wouldn't forget him. :)

Goodbye Elmer!  You have been a lot of fun!

We had to wake Darbee up on Christmas morning!  We have had to every year!
She was so excited to go see what Santa brought.

I love this one.  She didn't know what to say or think.

Santa wrapped some presents this year which was something he had never done.  She quickly tore into them.
She was thrilled when she unwrapped her pink bb gun.
She had to hold it up.

And even more excited when she opend a Wii.  
This was nothing she had asked for and a complete surprise. 
It was more of a gift for all of us. :)

I just loved her expressions.  She was so excited about her Stompeez!

An ipod was her most wanted thing.  Santa "hid" it behind another toy.  She got all of her presents unwrapped including an ipod case and didn't have an ipod.  She wanted to cry but still wanted to be happy over all of her toys.  Hubby asked her to bring him a toy to look at and it was behind that one.  She started screaming and jumping.  It was priceless.

Then she hugged it.
Yes...we were so blessed this holiday season.
As excited as I was on Christmas morning, there was a sad place in my heart.  One because I knew Bennie, hubby's dad wouldn't be coming to play and see what Santa brought.  Another because I knew how sad and heartbroken those parents who lost their children in the shooting must have been.  I just can't imagine how they must have felt.  

We had a good Christmas and for that I am thankful. We spent time with those we love.  We made memories. We carried on traditions.  We were blessed.

I hope all of you have had a good Christmas season.  

Until next time....


  1. love all her expressions, so great to get to share in her excitement, it shows in the photos. have a great Happy New Year. the sadness will remain, missing your F-I-L, but the memories of him will get sweeter as time goes by.

    nothing can ever replace those children, who were killed.
    down the road there is a little corner near a stop sign, there is a little white cross for each of the adults, and a little brown cross, one for each of the children, you can not help but weep to see them all gathered together like that. Only our heavenly Father can help, we just keep praying.
    Hugs Holly!

  2. It was a wonderful Christmas Holly. Our family has been blessed. I thank God constantly for his blessings. And Darbee Rae's excitement brings out the child in all of us. Even I missed Bennie up there on Christmas morning. Felt for Stacy as I know he was missing him also. Love all of you.

  3. Ahh, I so enjoyed those pictures!! Children make Christmas morning so special. My children are grown and no grandchildren yet, doesn't seem like Christmas amymore, ykwim? Hubby and I don't exchange gifts anymore. we get what we want all during the year. We have four wonderful furbabies and we get them new toys and treats for Christmas LOL
    Enjoy every moment and memory with your sweet little girl.

  4. I got so excited just reading this! Darbee Rae, Amanda got a pink BB gun this year too! Can you believe it? We all had a sadness for those families, Holly, but we have to celebrate what God gives us too. Just hug her tighter, thats what we have been doing. I thought about you all this year. Thank God we have our memories of those no longer with us. As usual I enjoyed my visit with my one of my favorite families.

  5. I want a PINK BB Gun!! WOW..! In my day, girls were not given BB Guns as gifts. I never knew Santa made such a thing. Loved sharing Darbee's Christmas morning. Time is the best gift of all...Happy New Year to you Holly and your precious family.

  6. How precious those pics are. I tried to get Monica at the right time, but missed some. Monica got a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun too and stompeez and an ipad!!!! How alike are these girls!!!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  7. How cool for the children to watch the Polar Express in their pj's. The actual train is here in Michigan and my mom went and saw it with her brother a few years back. My grandson also got an Ipod from Santa. He carries it around with him everywhere. Happy New Year to you and your family! Janice

  8. Oh how fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed

  9. It was so fun enjoying Darbee Rae's excitement through pictures as she opened her gifts. Sounds like y'all made lots of special memories.

  10. How cute, nothing like Christmas through a child's eyes. The boys had pajama day here also. Such a fun thing to do!

    Happy New Year!