December 06, 2012

Elmer's adventures...

Good evening friends!  How are you this evening?  We are doing good here but still wishing for cooler weather.  The weatherman is promising it will cool down next week.  Keeping my fingers crossed.
Our elf has still been getting into mischief!  He is a tricky little elf!
Yesterday, he was found sitting in my recliner and holding on to Darbee's Barbie doll camera.  When she turned it on yesterday, he had taken a few pictures of himself on there!  
This morning, he couldn't be found anywhere!  Just as Darbee went to potty, she let out a scream and was yelling for me to come in there. :)
He had used post-it notes to build a Christmas tree on our bathroom mirror!
He even drew on a few decorations. 

He was sitting behind the faucet holding the marker.

He had left her a note too!  It said, "Dear Darbee, Have a good day at school today! Love Elmer"

She was very excited.  

They also have an elf at school!  His name is Fred.  She comes home excited every afternoon and can't wait to tell me what their elf has done there.  
It is such a fun time of the year!

I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday season!

Until next time!


  1. Hi Holly! I love this little elf thing! Thanks for sharing all of the things Elmer does at your house!
    Be blessed

  2. Good Morning! I love the Elmer stories!! Thanks for sharing and I hope you all have a great day! Love, Gale

  3. Oh my, what fun a mother could have with this. Sounds you have one heck of and elf there:) -Steph-

  4. Wow! He really gets around!!!
    Lovin' the journey!

  5. Elmer is such an artistic little fella! Love his post it christmas tree. Janice

  6. Oh how funny!!!!!! Elmer sure is creative. At the McAmis household Coco does a variety of things, but ABCD hangs from the lights a lot to keep Mollie from getting to him!