December 10, 2012

A little Christmas tour....the kitchen

Good rainy afternoon friends! It is very dark and cloudy here today and just has started drizzling rain.  Would be so perfect if it wasn't 70 degrees outside and I wasn't listening close to the weather channel for storms!  Yuck.  Supposed to turn a bit cooler tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed. 
It's a good sleepy day today but I have been busy around the house.  I thought I would invite all of you into my kitchen today and share a bit of my decor with you.  I can offer you a K-cup from hubby's stash or a glass of coke.  That's my "coffee."  Ha!  I don't have anything sweet cooked yet but will be cooking a yummy sausage casserole for supper.  Would love for you to hang around to enjoy it with us.
Anyway...grab your drink and come along.

If you walk in the back door and look straight ahead, you will see this.  I decided to hang small wreaths on the front of each cabinet door this year.  Something I've never done before but will definitely do again.  I love the way it looks!  I attached red plaid burlap ribbon to them and tacked them into the inside of the doors.  

Just under that set of cabinets is my stove.  It is an antique!  Ha! 
It is many many years old but has such character.  Still cooks fine, so guess I will keep it for a while longer.  My dad made my stove board for me.  I am so proud of it.  

On the counter as you come in the back door is a small collection of jars filled with candy.
I don't really collect anything but if I did, it would be old jars.  I just love them. 

Beside the jars is this little shelf I found at the Salvation Army.  I love it.
I can hide all of our chargers in the small drawer and keep them out of site.  The little mouse friend
was made by my mom as well as the stuffed peppermints. 

This old scale was a gift from my mom and dad.  I love it hanging in my kitchen.
It is filled with Christmas greenery and artificial fruit.

I have a small old enamel table in the middle of my floor.  My dad made the table riser for me.  
I love the table. 

This is a tall cabinet with lots of drawers I bought at a yard sale and painted.  
The clock hanging on the wall plays a different Christmas carol each hour.  Darbee loves that. 

I hope all of you have enjoyed your visit into our home.  I surely have enjoyed having you.  
I hope you will visit again soon!  Maybe we will tour the living room/dining room next.  

Until next time!


  1. The kitchen looks so pretty Holly. I am so proud of you. Casserole sounds great. You will have to save me some. Today has just been a perfect day to play house, huh? I have had so much fun. Wish we could have played together. Love you and Darbee Rae and of course Stacy.
    Merry Christmas Countdown...,.

  2. Holly
    Your kitchen is so sweet and festive for the holidays! I like your wreath idea for the cabinets.
    Your Dad sure loves to spoil you!

  3. Love your Kitchen Holly. Yum on supper, It had been really nice and warm here until last night, now I am freezing LOL

    Merry Christmas give Darbee a big ole hug

  4. You have a wonderful kitchen! Love the decorations and the clock! So great to have parents who can make and share their goodes! Hugs to you little Princess! Have a great week, save supper for me!

  5. Holly, your kitchen is so festive & cozy. I love the wreaths on the cabinet doors.

  6. Love the wreaths on your pretty!! Cute mouse that your mom made. I have some mice out in my Christmas decor this year...posted about them a few days ago. Love that old scale!!

  7. Can I borrow your dad for a bit? I would love a stove board and a riser! LOL The wreaths are too cute and that scale...hello...perfect!
    Thanks for sharing Holly.
    Have a great week
    Be blessed,

  8. Cozy! Love the little wreaths on the cupboard doors.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. How fun!!! Love that table too!!! I need your Dad to come to my new house! lol This is so beautiful and cozy. This is a lot different than the post I am working on!!! You'll have to visit after I get it done!!! Merry Christmas! P.S. It is so cold here in Dalton Ga.- Did you get your cold weather???

  10. I LOVE your hanging scale!
    Everything looks so festive.
    Your Dad must be an awesome carpenter...

  11. Hi Holly~

    Thanks for the kitchen tour. Very pretty. Love your old scale. I wish I had one in my kitchen.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  12. Love that kitchen! Your wreaths are awesome and if I am moved next year and happen to have cabinets in my kitchen, I will copy you! Love the red! Thanks for the visit and hope hubby didn't mind me getting into his stash!

  13. Very nice, my dear.. You must make your mama proud.. smile..
    God bless..