August 29, 2012

She's Ready

I woke up a very excited little girl this morning. Today was "meet the teacher" day at her school.  I have to admit I was a little excited too.  The minute she got up, she wanted to go.  It was so hard to make her wait till time to go.  She got Cuddles all ready although she had to stay in the car.  This is "big girl" school now and there will be no nap time so Cuddles knows she must stay home with mommy. (SMILE)
Here she is on the way out the door.  

When we got to her classroom, her teacher had a few toys out to play with and a coloring sheet at each child's seat.  
She waited until everyone was there to do a small presentation about the class.  The kids worked on their coloring sheet while she "talked." 

Darbee Rae was so happy to be in her seat and do her work.
There was a pencil box fully stocked with markers, crayons, pencils and scissors waiting for her at her seat.
They were able to hang their papers on the wall before they left.  

It sounds like the neatest class!  I just loved her teacher.  
We left there with a lot of information!

Darbee wanted to stay!  That made my heart happy.  Hope that attitude continues.
We had to go buy her "supplies" when we left.  
There wasn't much as the school supplies most everything.

She had to have a folder and an index card box for her sight words. 

I personalized them for her this afternoon. :)
Love how they turned out.

As I posted in my last post about loving Pinterest, I turned to that to find a 
cute back to school gift for her to take in to her teachers on the first day.
I loved this idea.

We took a trip to Bath and Body Works and bought each one a lotion.
I found these cute little polka dot tags at Target.
I stamped their initials on one side....

And wrote "Hope you have a "smooth" year" on the other side.
Love how they turned out and Darbee is excited to take them in to her new teachers on Monday.

She had her first "homework" assignment to bring home.
It was an All About Me poster.  
She was so excited to have homework and was eager to get it done.
She worked hard on coloring it all afternoon.

I love her look of concentration.  So focused....

Working hard....

I love how she clipped her little markers on her shirt.
How funny...


She loves to color and does sooo good!

Almost done!

It turned out so cute. 
When we fill in the blanks, I'll be sure and post a picture.

She is counting down the days until Tuesday.
I am excited for her....
My little girl is growing up....

Until next time....


  1. Here is hoping that Tuesday goes well for her and my own Mikayla. Take care and have a great holiday weekend! Janice

  2. I so hope this will be a great fun year for you and Darbee Rae. Just don't seem like she should be starting school. Where did the time go? She will always be my baby. Love you both


  3. So exciting.
    Darbee is so cute.
    Great job Mama too..

  4. just so cute, love her expressions, hope all just goes so well, blessings on the little one!

  5. Exciting and fun days ahead for her!! Love the teacher gifts. I love can get so many great ideas from there.

  6. I love the lotion gift idea! Too cute! :)