August 15, 2012


Good evening dear friends.  I can almost feel it...can you?  Yes...there is just a tad bit of fall in the air.  The morning are cool and the evenings are not near as muggy. I am ready.  

I finished these cute little pumpkins up yesterday and love how they turned out.  

Of course, I had a wonderful little helper.
She enjoyed "giving them a hair cut."  {Smile}

Yes...she is gonna be just like "us" is what Nana and I hope.  She already loves crafts and has her own craft bag like me.  It makes my heart smile.  

Now...guess you're wondering what the title means huh?  
Jackpot...that's what I hit today.

Now don't think I am now rich...NO...far from that, but I am happy.
You see, my uncle is a carpenter.  He often gets jobs to come in and "clean out" houses and remodel them.  
He was telling us about the house he was working on.  I knew I wanted to go see it. 
I had no idea what was in store...but boy am I glad I went.  
I got a phone call this morning from my aunt saying "let's go."  You've never seen a girl get ready so fast....Ha!

Here's what I saw when I walked up to the garage.  
Looks like a bunch of junk huh?  Nah....there are a lot of treasures hiding under that "junk."

Here's another view. 
I had free run of this garage.  
Oh yes...this girl had a lot of fun rambling thru this "junk."  
See that old white cabinet that is falling apart in the back?  Yes..we want it.  Waiting to see if it is going to be sold or not.

What did I find?  
Oh boy...what did I find.....

Here's a stash piled in the back of my car.
I was one happy girl let me tell ya...

See the wooden crate?  Yup..will be using that for Darbee's country hoedown birthday.
See the old viewmaster?  It has a TON of old slides with it.  It still works.

Absolutely adore this Christmas paper doll book.
It isn't missing a piece!

Look at all of these bowls and old wooden boxes.  See the box
full of old keys....

Wow....Love them...The box is an old cigar box.  
It still has the old postage stamps on top.

Love the view master.  Can't wait to look at all of the reels with it.

An old money bag, an old whisk many neat gadgets.

When I saw this little notebook, I had to have it...
My Papa dipped this kind of snuff.  It has a date written inside.  1946.  

Here's the top of the old cigar box. 
And some of the old keys...

So many neat treasures.  

Wanna know the best part????

I GOT ALL OF THIS FOR $10.00!!!!!!!

Yes...I think I hit the jackpot don't you?
I was one happy girl.

That's not it..
I left a table FULL of stuff waiting to see if it was going to be sold.  
I can't wait to see what else we get. 

I'll keep ya posted!  

I hope all of you have had a good day and done something that made you smile!

Until next time....


  1. Love your pumpkins. And thanks for my treasures today. Hope there will be many more. Such a neat place.

  2. What wonderful treasures. You did hit the jackpot!!
    Love the pumpkins that you and your helper cute.

  3. WooooHoooo Jackpot Girlfriend!
    Me oh my I love those pumpkins!
    Great job.

  4. wow, what a haul, hope you get it all. I love the green & ivory bowl!

  5. Those pumpkins are adorable!

    And I would have been in heaven in that

  6. Oh I love those kind of sales! You really got some neat old stuff.The santa paper dolls so nostalgic.Hope you get the other goodies you set aside.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. You did hit the jackpot! Goodness. Love your pumpkins. I am glad I could leave a comment. Having trouble on some blogs.

  8. You found some great goodies and I just love that pink john deere shirt Darbee Rae was wearing. Take care, Janice