August 18, 2012

Date with Daddy

Good evening friends.  It's a tad bit cooler here this evening and kind of dreary.  More rain is expected tonight and tomorrow.  Just hope it stays a little cooler.   I am so ready for the cool fall days.

Today was a special day for Darbee Rae.  She and her daddy had a "date."  A small town near us has an annual tractor pull.  Darbee and hubby went last year but it was so hot, they didn't get to stay very long.  She was so excited when he mentioned that it was this weekend.  She was thrilled to go with him again this year.

I knew last year, just the two of them went but I thought I would tag along this year.  I thought it sounded pretty neat!  Little did I know, my little priss had other plans.  When I mentioned going with them last night, she quickly informed me that they would see me when they got home.  I would be okay.  It was going to be "a John Deere Daddy Darbee day."  Guess she put me in my place huh?  {SMILE}  

So..I knew they needed their time alone and I planned on enjoying mine.  What did I do?  I headed to several nearby consignment sales!  Yahoo!  I thoroughly enjoyed my morning.  I shopped and shopped for who else but my girl.  I found some awesome bargains and some precious outfits.  I just love those sales.  Such great savings.  

On the way home, I stopped by Hobby Lobby and searched for a pattern for pants.  I want to make some boutique pants for Darbee.  It can't be that hard can it?  Surely not....I am going to try my hand at it!

A dear friend that I used to teach with called and invited me to lunch with another teacher friend.  I was happy to go!  We had a great lunch and a good time catching up.  

I was greeted with a smiling little girl when I got home.  She had so many stories to tell about their day.  

I have to say a special thanks to hubby for taking the camera along and documenting their day!  He's a keeper.

She was so excited about her new John Deere shirt.  She was ready to go!

They are so funny together.  
They have the best time.

Of course, my little photographer had her camera close by! :)

She brought home a cool sand art too!

It was a great day for everyone.
I hope you all had a great day too!

Until next time.


  1. Glad you all had a great day. Love the picture of her with the camera! Wonder who she took after? {ha}

  2. Sounds like you all had a great day!! Darbee is so cute...she reminds me of my sister's little granddaughter. She also has dates with her daddy and her mommy isn't allowed to go either. Just to cute!!

  3. The third generation is going to keep the traditions! I just know it. Sweet post

  4. Too cute! Looks like she had a great day and you did too! :)