August 04, 2012

A Girl With A Big Heart....

I've always taught Darbee Rae to love others.  To care for them and help them when in need.  She has always been such a sweet girl with a big heart.  She loves doing things for others.  We have a lady in our church who is very sick.  Darbee asks about her often and at night when she says her prayers, she prays for her just about every time as well as prays for her daughter "who takes care of her."
Last night, we spent the evening at Nana's.  I helped her set up her new computer.  Darbee Rae wanted to go out to Papa's workshop and help him work.  Nearly two hours later when they came back inside, she was giggling and so happy.  She had made Nana and I a "prize."
Look at my "primitive candle holder."  Made just for my by Darbee Rae.
She even drew a picture of herself on it.  
Isn't' it awesome?  I love it.  
Nana has one too that is "painted" black with a marker.  (SMILE)
What a great prize made by those precious little hands and come from that big heart of hers.
She was thrilled to be able to give us a prize.

We spent the morning going to a few yard and estate sales.  I found pretty much NOTHING.  I spent a whole $4.00.  Ugh...just not much good "junk" around here.  
I will share those finds later.

When we came in, Darbee Rae wanted to spend time with her daddy.  She insisted they have a "Daddy Darbee date."  She loves those times when she has him all to herself and they do whatever she wants. 
I am so thankful for their time together and it gives me a little mommy break! 

I enjoyed surfing the net, catching up on blogs, a little shopping in town and even a nap!  It was nice.  
What did I hear when she got out of the car and came in the house?
Yup..the same little giggly laugh. 
She was smiling from ear to ear and carrying a sack. 
"Mommy, I've got you a prize."  She was sooo excited.  She started whispering and said, "Mommy, I wanted to take your prize for me, but I didn't."  I had to quietly chuckle.  

I opened up the bag to find a bag of Goldfish crackers and a card.

She said, "Me and daddy had to go get you a present." 

She even wrote me a note in the card that said, "I love you. Thinking of you."
She said later that she was thinking about me while they were gone so she wanted to get me a card.  

So sweet.  
I love her to death.
I hope she always keeps that giving heart.

That's my girl.

Guess what we did?  
Of course, we shared Goldfish crackers with each other. :)

Until next time....


  1. Awww! She is such a sweetheart! I love her candle holder... she did an awesome job! :o)

  2. I loved reading this post tonight. I have this feeling that Darbee Rae will always have a giving heart like her Mama and her Grandma.

  3. You are raising such a beautiful young lady in every way..Soo sweet that she even thought about you on her Daddy date (Hubby's a keeper too when you think he went out of the way to make you both happy) Enjoy those special moments!~Amy

  4. You have such a sweet little girl Holly!! Love your prim candleholder!!

    Enjoy your day~Becky