June 04, 2012


Wow!  What a day.  Good evening friends.  I am tired!
We have been gone since 11 a.m. this morning and it is not 9:30 p.m. and we haven't been home very long!  Whew!  What a fun day it has been. I will go ahead and warn you this post is very picture heavy.  We made lots of memories today! :)
Hubby took a day off and asked me if I wanted to check on getting tickets to take Darbee Rae to Lego Land.  It just opened in Atlanta about a month ago.  Yay!  I was just like a kid.  I was so excited. Swim lessons were cancelled this morning due to storms, so we had a little extra time.

We decided to surprise her and not tell her until we were almost there.  She has known we were going on a surprise day trip since Friday, but had no clue where we were going.  She was thrilled.
We were less than 5 minutes away before we told her.  I got it on video.  It was priceless.

I apologize in advance..it is sideways.  It was that way on my phone and I couldn't figure out how to rotate it.  I couldn't figure out how on You Tube either.  Ugh! Anyway..you get the point.  It was so cute.

We got there and were ready to head inside!

Our first stop was the Lego factory.  There we learned how Lego bricks were made.
The kids got to participate in helping "make a brick."

Then you could see how much you weighed in Lego bricks...
Darbee weighed 17,000 lego bricks!  Wow!
Mommy didn't bother stepping on the scale...Ha!

You could also see how many Lego bricks tall you were.
It was really neat! 

Next was Mini Land.  It was the city of Atlanta in mini Legos.  It was awesome to see.
I just wonder how long it took to build everything.  Wow.
The Atlanta Capital building.

A rock stage.
The exhibits were interactive too!  This one turned on the band and the lights on stage.

It also turned from day to night inside this room and a fireworks show displayed on the wall.  It was so neat!  
You can see in the picture above, the lights turned on inside the buildings at "night" too!

I couldn't believe the detail!

The CNN center had closed circuit cameras on it that you could control with the buttons.  It was so neat!

The famous Varsity restaurant.

There was even an Atlanta Falcons game!  Wow...now that's neat!

Look at all the Lego people and how each one is different!

There was an Atlanta Braves game going on too!

After spending some time in Mini Land, we headed out to the first ride.  It was a laser shooting ride where you helped to save the princess.  No photos were allowed there, so I couldn't get a pic. of it.  It was fun though.  

Once inside, there was so much to do! Our first stop was the build a car area.  You build a car and then race it down the tracks.  

I don't claim to be a Lego pro, but I worked to make her a mini car so she could race it.  She was proud of it...that's all that matters right? Smile...
We headed over to the race track to test it out.
It zoomed down the track and didn't fall apart!  Wahoo!

I decided to get a little more creative and try to make a little better one. We got to work and came up with another one.

This one even had headlights and sat three people!  Hehe..

We raced it too and it rolled great! What a fun area.

The Lego Friends area was a big hit too!  
Darbee has a mini set of these Legos but I see more in the future!
They are so girly.

This was the girly girl area and lots of fun.

Next, we headed over to the movie theatre for the fun 4-D movies.  We watched two movies and they were so fun!  It rained on us, snowed on us and the wind blew too!

Darbee loved the glasses.

Anywhere you had to wait in line, there were Lego pits where kids could play while they waited.  What a neat idea!

After watching two movies, we headed out to the Merlin Adventure ride.

I rode first with Darbee Rae...
Then she decided daddy needed a turn.

They rode again!

Next was the earthquake table.  This was my favorite. 
You used legos to build anything...preferably a tower and then tested it to see if it would withstand an earthquake.  
Here's what we built.
Here's the earthquake!

It survived!  Yay!!!
The kid play area was our last stop and Darbee Rae was pretty tired by then.
She played a little bit, but decided it was too crowded and was ready to go.

We headed out to the gift shop and made a souvenier penny.  

We brought home a few legos and a lot of memories.  
It was a ton of fun!

We had lunch, stopped in Trader Joe's and Ikea and headed home.
Whew...Darbee Rae napped on the way home and is going strong but I am ready for bed!  
What a fun day.


  1. Glad ya'll had fun! Looks like a really neat place and so much to do. Darbee Rae is one lucky little girl.

  2. I had no idea, that Atlanta just got a Lego Land. That is so cool!

    That video of Darbee Rae's reaction is priceless and too cute!

    Looks like a perfect day! :)

  3. How cute! I loved it when Legoland came to our local mall on year. It is amazing what they make out of legos. What a fun surprise for Darbee Rae. Take care, Janice

  4. How fun!! Looks like Darbee Rae had a great time. My nephew loves Legos...he would love Legoland. We have a huge Lego Store need here and he gets to go there every year for his birthday.