June 06, 2012

A Papa Project...

Sometimes there are things I find on the internet-mainly Pinterest-that I think...Wow!  I would love to have that.  Wonder if I could make it.  Sometimes I do, sometimes the idea just sits in my Pinterest board forever and I think...I will get to it sometime.  
Sometimes I think, "daddy could make that for me"(hubby doesn't like handyman projects) and I send it to my mom in an e-mail with a note saying, "Tell daddy I want this."  Ha!  Hubby has never claimed to be a carpenter or handyman! Sometimes I get it.  BUT...if ever I find a project for Darbee Rae and call on my dad (Papa) he's sure to follow thru.  
So....when surfing thru Pinterest the other day, I came across the coolest sprinkler and knew Darbee Rae would have a blast with it!  I had to make it.  I thought I could do it but wanted Papa around to be sure.

So today, we decided to grill out and Papa made her sprinkler.
We started out with this...a pile of PVC pipe and some fittings.  
You should have seen me in Lowe's this morning trying to find the right fittings...it was funny!

Of course, he had a great helper!

It's almost done!

Drilling the holes for the water...

It's a kid/bike wash!  How fun.
I would have LOVED this as a kid.

She doesn't really like the water in her eyes, but she had fun with it.

We are having a play date tomorrow afternoon and I'm sure the girls will enjoy it!

Day two of swimming lessons didn't go as good as yesterday.  She is not a fan of putting her head under the water at all.  

She was a bundle of nerves this morning.

Oh-well.  There's always tomorrow...and next year.Ha!  

I hope all of you have had a great day!
Until next time....


  1. Hey, that car wash thought it had washed a transfer truck when "BIG NANA" went through it. Had a fun evening. Thanks for supper. Darbee Rae will be okay with swimming lessons but will WE? Love ya

  2. That is sooo Cool! Holly, if your on Pinerest, friend me. http://pinterest.com/kschotty721/ I would love to get the Tut on this..:) Thanks...K

  3. How cool is that bike wash! I still hate going underwater. Take care, Janice

  4. Very neat.. Aren't Dads great:-)

  5. What a great idea!! My grandson would love this.

  6. I have seen this on Pinterest too. I love the way yours turned out. It is the perfect height to ride through.

  7. I just love Pinterest. You can find such great ideas there!

    I was the same way about going under water. I'm sure she will learn to love it in time.