June 05, 2012

Let's Go For A Swim

Hello friends.  I hope all of you have had a great day and did something that made you smile.  Did I?  Sure.  But...I also did something that made me want to cry.
I dropped a very nervous and scared little girl off at her first swimming lesson this morning.  My SIL is teaching her, so that was comforting knowing she was with someone she knew and trusted, but still.  It's my baby.
It broke my heart.  It was one of those mommy moments when I knew it was for her own good.  She needs to learn how to swim and really wants to.  However, she was so nervous and scared and excited all in one. 
Here she is just before I left her looking all brave.  
It was another rainy morning here, but she was able to get her lesson in.  I know the water had to be FREEZING though.  It was only 70 degrees on my car thermometer when I dropped her off!  
We had talked about her learning to go under the water and learning to kick and swim.  I tried to talk it up to her but a part of me wanted to just sit in my car and cry when I left her.

The lessons are only 30 minutes, so I was back quick to get her.  When I walked in the pool area, she was not crying which was a good sign.  Kate took her out to where she couldn't touch and said, "Show mommy the big girl stuff," and ducked her right under the water!  She did GREAT!  

Here she is right after she came up!  Yay!

Aunt Kate helped her get back to the end where she could touch and wipe her eyes.  She was such a big girl.  Aunt Kate said she did great!
She was shaking like a leaf when she got out.  I'm not sure if it was nerves or being cold or a little of both.  I know she was relieved it was over.  
We have talked about tomorrow and she wants to go back.  That's a good sign!

The weather is supposed to be warmer tomorrow and hopefully we will see the sun!

Until next time....

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  1. Oh Holly, I know just how you felt, but I am so proud you are doing this for Darbee Rae. Who knows it might just save her life one day. I was nervous too and couldn't wait to hear how she did. Love yall