May 01, 2012

A new look....literally...

Several weeks ago,as we were driving home, Darbee Rae was watching a movie on her dvd player in the car.  I looked back to check on her and noticed she was leaning up close to the player.  When I questioned her about it, she said, "The sun is in my eyes."  I let it go and didn't think too much more about it.  Later on, I noticed it again.  The same response from her but the sun wasn't shining that bright.  Hmmmmm. Just the other week, Nana and Darbee were looking at some old pictures.  Nana noticed as Darbee Rae looked at hers, she got very close to see it.  I knew then, it was time to make her an eye doctor appointment.  So....on  April 19th, we went in for her first eye doctor visit.  She was excited, but very nervous.  Thankfully, Cuddles wasn't too scared to go. :)
I was able to go in with her.  She was proud of that.  

She was a little intimidated by the big machines, but quickly found out it wasn't too bad.  She even got to sit in my lap so she could be tall enough to see through the "big glasses."  She did so good!  The eye doctor was so good.  She has 5 year old triplets, so she was blessed with patience and knew just what to say to calm her nerves.  They even dilated her eyes!  She was scared of the drops, but the doctor quickly told her to be just like Sleeping Beauty and close her eyes.  It worked like a charm!  She did so good.  
She was VERY proud of her silly sunglasses that she got to wear afterward.  

Turns out, our suspicions were right.  She did need glasses.  She was tickled.  She really wanted them.  She wanted to look just like Katie at dance.  She has a friend at dance who wears glasses and she immediately wanted to pick out glasses like Katie's.  It was so cute.  

So...the hunt began for the perfect pair.   
We tried on just about all of the ones that were at that store....

She checked herself out in the big mirror.....

But we couldn't find the perfect pair.  

Nah.....not the right ones yet.

So.....we headed up the road to another eyeglass store that had MANY more to choose from.  They had a whole wall of kids frames.  Wow...the hunt began again.  We tried them on with her hair up.....took it down and tried on more.....

She was more concerned with the design on the sides that what the actual glasses looked like on her face. Hehe...

She was a little model...I think we tried on every pair on the entire wall!

We were there for hours....LITERALLY...hours...

We even tried on more another day....silly girl!

Finally, we decided on two pair.  Darbee chose one pair that she absolutely loved.  They were red with purple on the sides and hearts and stars.  They were really cute.  Nana and mommy liked them too.  Then we chose a more neutral pair that would sort of blend in with her hair color and go with more outfits.  

They were supposed to be ready tomorrow.  But...on Sunday, we got a call that one pair was ready.  Darbee was so excited and so hoping it would be the red pair.  Guess what????  
It was!!!

She was one happy girl.  
She has done soooooo good.  She hasn't complained not one time! 

She thinks she looks soo cute!  
I am so glad she feels good about herself in them.  

She even helped Nana sew today.  Nana wore her red glasses too!

She even says she's a "pop star" in her new glasses.  
So cute!

Don't you just love the pose?  Smile....

I am so proud of her.  She's done so good.  
Another step in growing up...sigh...

Until next time.....


  1. Bravo, Darbee Ray! You look absolutely beautiful..! I love the Red pair...remember, eye glasses are now a part of your Glam..! Sparkle for the eyes:) Have fun wearing them with your different hair styles and outfits..! Hugs..K

  2. Wow.. reminds me of when I had to get glasses at her age. Love those red ones! She looks adorable as usual. Take care, Janice

  3. Darbee, you look like a star! You and Debbie are just alike. she goes for the sparkle on the side too. You and I have the same sunglasses.I had my eyes examined to day. You do look beautiful and I am waiting to see the other pair.

  4. do look so cute in your new glasses!! I love them! I have sparkles on the sides of my glasses too.

  5. Oh Sweet Potato Pie she sure is cute!
    Love those new glasses.

  6. Darbee~ Yes I think you look like a star.Pretty glasses you picked out.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Holly I am so thankful she has done so well with them. And Miss Darbee Rae you know Nana thinks you look so cute in them. Sparkles or not,,,, I like the other pair!! You are gonna have to wear them just for Nana. Love you both.

  8. Darbee, You do look like a star....a shining star! Love your new glasses!

  9. Love your new glasses, Darbee. You look sooo cute.

  10. Awww! I'm glad she likes her glasses. I remember when I had to get mine, I was older than her and I was so scared of being picked on. It's good that she likes them so much. :)

  11. Darbee looks adorable! I'm glad she's so happy about wearing her new glasses and she can see again