May 25, 2012

A Little Sprucing Up to a New Treasure!

Good evening friends.  It's been a very HOT day today here in the south.  The air is so thick it seems hard to breathe!  I am not one who likes hot weather.  I had much rather have chilly temps.  I don't like to sweat! Oh well...better get ready for it because summer's on the way!  

I did a bit of sprucing up this evening for the holiday.  I have a brand new to me dining room table.  
I had a green tile top table that I loved.  Hubby and I bought it when we first got engaged.  I remember being so excited to find it.  I still liked it, but it wasn't prim perfect for me.  I wanted a wooden table that I could decorate.  The green tiles didn't match everything you know?  

I mentioned in conversation to my mother in law several weeks ago that I might sell it and look for me and old wooden table.  Kind of like an old farmhouse table.  Well, when we were at my father in law's house several weeks ago, he told me that she had mention it to him, and he wanted me to see an old table he had upstairs.  Immediately, my heart began racing.  He said I could have the table if I would just get it out of his way.  Ooooohh!  I practically ran up the stairs to see it.  I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  YES!  I was almost screaming!  It was perfect!  
It found it's new home in my dining room last week and I couldn't be happier.  
Just look at the details!

He had even found chairs that match.

It has such a neat history too!  The table is over 100 years old.  It came out of an old church here in our town.  It was given to my father in law's dad over 75 years ago.  It has been in the family ever since.  The chairs came out of the old post office here in our town.  What a neat piece of history to have in my home!

So of course, I had to get it spruced up for the holiday!

Here it is now.  It's not exactly how I want it yet, but this will do for now. 

Can you see the scuff marks and rough places in the wood?  My FIL told of how he remembered his dad taking the sausage grinder on numerous occasions and nailing it to the corner of the table to make sausage.  He would then pull it back off and do it again the next time.  There are marks on each corner from the nail holes and the grinder.  I also found hubby's brother's name carved near one end. cool!

Here are my simple place settings.  Nothing fancy.
I just love it and am so grateful to my FIL for giving it to me.  Turns out, we just swapped tables!  Perfect swap!

Here's my little prim tree that I leave up year round.  I decorated it for the holiday and will leave it up thru July. 

I guess this weekend is the official kick off of summer huh?  Darbee Rae sure thinks so.  We had to get out her pool this evening and clean it up.  She had to "test it out."  Hehe...'s to a good holiday weekend. 

I hope all of you have a great weekend!  


  1. I love the table. You are one lucky girl. Everything looks good. You are ahead of me. Gota get busy. Hope you have a fun weekend with Stacy's family.

  2. I have always LOVED your year-round favorite was always your bathroom one! Someday, when we aren't so cramped I am going to have one too! Your place setting looks so cute and the details on your table are amazing! :o)

  3. At my other home I had a year round tree. Love how you decorated yours! That table is awesome and Darbee Rae looks like she is enjoying the hot weather. Happy Memorial day to you and your family! Take care, its been hot up here in Michigan too...high 80's and hot.

  4. Oh my I'm green with envy.Not only is the table beautiful but to have such a wonderful history.The year round tree looks good.Darbee looks like she is enjoying the pool.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Love your new "old" table!!
    Love your tree too!!
    I'm down south right now and it is hot here...great day to be in the pool.