April 28, 2012

Playing Catch Up...

Good evening everyone.  Wow!  Where has time gone?  It has been quite a while since I have visited with you all.  Time is flying don't you agree?  
We have been rather busy and enjoying the nice weather.  I will try to play catch up in this post. Pardon me in advance for the abundance of pictures.  We've been busy and therefore we have lots to share!
A town not too far from us has a festival once a year called the Georgia Renaissance Festival.  It's been going on since I was a child, but I've never been.  I've heard it was really neat.  A daily deal site had a special deal on tickets this year, so I thought it was a perfect time to see what it was all about.  
Did we enjoy it?  Oh yea....
Will we go again?  Yes... definitely!!!
Was it worth it?  Absolutely...
I'll let the pictures tell the story.
We walked around and were greeted with "characters" such as these.  
Darbee was so amazed with their costumes and abilities. 
I have to admit...some of their costumes were beautiful.

We enjoyed snacks while watching a really neat acrobatic show.

Wow!  These guys did some awesome tricks!

Darbee "went fishing" and caught a fish.  She got a special prize...a shiny necklace!

There was a really neat petting zoo.  Thought of all you prim ladies....bet you would
like to have some of that wool huh?  

There were some awesome rides.  Darbee enjoyed this creature that was on a long
zip line.  All of the rides were so cool!  They were all powered by humans.  They were
so fun to watch.  Can you imagine two men powering (pushing) a large merry-go-round?
Yup...it was neat!

"Fairies" were all over too!  Darbee danced with this one while the lady and 
man played songs with the guitar and accordian.

We watched a jousting show.  What fun!

Of course, we had to get all prettied up to see the queen!

We had a pretend tea party with the fairy queen and her fairy helpers.

The highlight of the day was Darbee Rae getting to go on stage and be crowned a royal princess
of the royal court.  She along with the other little ones had to "pass" several tests in front of the queen.  
They learned to wave a proper princess wave, to curtsy, and to properly greet the queen. It was
the cutest thing.  We got it on video too!

She received an official certificate from the queen!

The final adventure of the day was getting a marshmallow catapult.
This is the neatest thing!  Yes...we have had fun with that!

What a fun day it was.  A fun day with my precious family.

The fun weekend continued.  The next night was a rodeo just a county over from us. We LOVE going to rodeos.  Darbee Rae especially does.  
She wanted to dress "like a cowgirl," so we found her blue jeans and her
sparkly flannel shirt. Luckily, it was outside and was one of the cooler nights we've had in a while. ~Smile~

My favorite part is the bull riding.  It is so fun to watch.

All of last week, we have been buried in "stuff."  Yes...LOTS of stuff.  Do you ever stop and take a look at your house and think, "Where did all of this stuff/junk/mess/things come from? That was me...I wanted to do a DEEP cleaning out.  That's exactly what I did.  I cleaned out EVERYTHING from the attic to the barn.  We had a HUGE yard sale today.  To say I'm tired is a major understatement.  I do declare it will be quite a LONG time before we do another one.  BUT...we did amazing.  It was the best one we've had.
Darbee Rae made out like a bandit too!  She helped me make up grab bags with all of her little toys and she sold those.  She decided too that she wanted to sell snacks.  So...what does a mama do?  Of course...fix her right up.  She sold chips, cookies, fruit snacks, bottled water and juice.  Did she do good?  Oh yea...she made a grand total of $19.75!  Wow...what a lucky little girl.  

I didn't get any pictures until late this afternoon, but you can see...it was a big yard sale!

Darbee was so happy to have several of her little buddies to stop by.  She
got in some good play time.  She was especially happy to see Luke.  We haven't seen him in a while, so it was a special treat!

Bayleigh stopped by too and they enjoyed chalking up our carport.  ~Smile
So sweet.

Aunt Maudie spent the day with us and Darbee was so proud.  She LOVES playing
with her.  She brought a goody bag that she enjoyed playing with too.  She is so sweet to Darbee.

There...you're up to date! :)  I feel better.  I promise to do better and not bombard you with such a long post next time.

I hope all of you are having a nice weekend. 
Until next time....


  1. We have a festival like that here and my girls loved it when they were little and now my granddaughter loves going there.
    Yardsales are a lot of work...they make me tired very time I have one, but they are a great way to get rids of stuff.

  2. Great post, I enjoyed reading it, my how busy you stay....

  3. Of course loved all the pictures. glad your yard sale was a success. I need to have one, really bad.May do that soon. Have a wonderful day. Time to get ready for church.

  4. Good Day, Holly....I love attending those small community Festivals! They are so much fun with the little ones. I so miss those days, *sigh....looking forward to grandchildren someday:) Your yard sale sure was Huge..! Love looking at all your pics and Darbee Ray always looks so happy and having fun! Your a great Mother! Have a fun and safe week..Hugs, K

  5. Looks like a good time was had by all. I enjoyed your pictures and Darbee is the adorable.

  6. Wow, you have been busy!

    I went to that Renaissance Festival on a field trip in 6th grade. I've always wanted to go back, I hope that I will get the opportunity one day! :)

  7. What a great time!
    Looks like Darbee had a blast.
    SHe is one lucky and loved little girl.
    Hugs to you