April 02, 2012

A New Project or Two...

Hello friends!  The beginning of our week has been rather slow.  Darbee Rae and I were home all day today.  I have several projects I want to get done, so I began working on one today.
The first one is a desk....
I found this at a yard sale just up the street from us for $5.00!!!  What a deal!  I've been needing something to go in my craft room/den for a while, and I knew this would be perfect for storage and a work area!  Especially for 5 bucks...oh yea!

I wanted to paint it, so we got busy today.
I had a great little helper!

Can you believe she was more interested in painting with me than riding her Barbie Jeep?  Yup...a crafter in the making!

It's all painted!  We are just waiting on it to dry! 
I can't wait to get it in the house and all situated. 
I want to fix up that room.   I have found some great ideas from Pinterest.  Don't you just love that site?  It's sooo addicting!
I can't wait to get it all done.

The same yard sale.....
Look at this find

LOVE, LOVE this bench.  The bottom was missing a piece, but my handy dandy daddy fixed it for me. 
He is so good.  I can't wait to get it painted.  I am going to fix up our carport area into a porch/sitting area.  I have a wicker set to move out there and a new lamp.  This bench will be a perfect addition. I can't wait.  How cozy it will be!

I also have a special project for a special little girl.  She is in need of wants a Barbie dream house.  Am I going to buy the expensive one that will probably only be played with a time or two?  NO.  I/we are going to make one. I have yet again turned to Pinterest and found a precious one that we are going to work on!  I cannot wait to get it started. 

Whew!  We are going to be busy!  Lucky me to have a good helper huh?  :) 

I hope all of you are having a great week so far!
Until next time......


  1. The desk will look so pretty. You have the perfect spot for it. The bench looks old and prim in the picture without paint. Get a lot done we we stay home and don't go roaming huh? But put on your going shoes tomorrrow my girls, we are out of the house. Love ya

  2. Great deal on the desk!! Love the bench!! I agree with your mom that it looks old and prim without paint.

  3. Wow, what great finds! You will certainly stay busy with these projects!

    I think my next project, that's not all that creative will be cleaning out stuff to take to Goodwill I need to make room for the new. ;)

  4. You hit pay dirt! I am looking for a bench like that. Hopefully I will find one this summer. You do have a wonderful helper, as well as a wonderful Mr fix It. That is what my grandson Seth always called Curtis. Enjoyed seeing one of my favorite little girls today.

  5. Yep it looks like you have a new crafter in the family...cannot believe you found such awesome goodies for next to nothing. Happy Easter to you and your family. Janice

  6. Oh you have inspired me. I have several projects that I want to do too! Thanks for the prayers for Mom. It is such a scary thing.

  7. I'm SO glad you have such an awesome helper, not sure that you would be able to accomplish all that without her, hehe! I can't believe you got that desk for 5 bucks! It already looks great painted black and will be a wonderful addition to your craft room. That old bench is awesome!! I would love to find one like that. Your sitting area-to-be sounds like a lovely place. I know you and Darbee Rae will enjoy fixing it up. =]

    Have a wonderfully blessed Easter~