February 27, 2012

Adding a few spring touches

Good evening everyone. It seems as though it has been forever since I have last visited with all of you.
I have been busy but enjoying my time at home very much. I am so thankful every day to be home. No one would ever understand how miserable I was so being home is such a blessing.
We have yet another busy week ahead of us this week. Darbee lost the filling out of her tooth last night, so a dentist appointment is scheduled for Wednesday. We are also scheduled to go and visit a private pre-k near our home on Thursday. I am very excited and praying we like what we see. I have heard nothing but good about this school and hope things work out as I know God will see fit.
I am still working on my house. It is still a major work in progress. I almost have the living room and kitchen done. I am waiting for hubby to get out my spring decorations from the attic so I can add those around and I will post some pictures.
I did a little tweaking in the kitchen today. I have this old enamel top table in the middle of my kitchen floor. Hubby and I found this at an estate sale several years ago. I found the red chairs to go with it at Ikea.

This is the only room of my house that really isn't prim. My walls are bright red and my floor is black and white checked. I love the colors and add prim touches where I can. I have thought about painting it, but can't convince myself to. It's so bright and cheery. I added this old wooden box that my daddy made to the middle of the table today. It is filled with burlap and rag balls. I added the glass candle holder I found at a local thrift store and a few pieces of greenery. A nice spring touch. It looks nice and cozy when the lights are off in there.
That's about it for today. I spent most of my afternoon pricing clothes for a local consignment sale that I consign at. Whew! That was a job. I just love consignment sales. I hit them all around our area. They are so much fun!
I hope all of you have had a great day.
Until next time......

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  1. Hey Friend
    I just love anything enamel and I love the wooden box your dad made for you. Will be praying for you and Darbee this week.
    Hugs Tarce


  2. What a nice find that was with that enamel table! Poor Darbee Rae and her tooth..I hate going to the dentist, but one of the dentists that I see has the most beautiful blue eyes..and he is cute too! Makes going to the dentist a little better. LoL.Take care, Janice

  3. Good Evening, Holly....Tell Darbee I'm right there with her with the Dentist thing. I had my 6 month check up last week only to find out I have to molars that are slightly cracked:( so I have some repair work too. Good Luck with the new school, these years can be so stressful trying to find out what is best. You'll know it when you feel it...! Have a great week...K

  4. Love the box on the table in the kitchen. You going to have a busy week. Poor baby, Darbee Rae. Glad it's you taking her to dentist instead of me. You know they terrify me. Looking forward to tomorrow. Love ya]

  5. Oh Holly...I love the box that your dad made!!
    I go to the dentist next week...and I think that I might need another root canal done. Not looking forward to that. Hope every goes well for Darbee Rae at the dentist.

  6. Hi Holly~

    I love the wooden box your dad made for you!! Good luck to Darbee on her dentist appointment. It was nice visiting with you.

    Have a great day~Becky

  7. Holly, I love your wooden box with the spring stuff in it. If I had red walls I wouldn't paint them either. I love red and how cheerful it is. give Darbee a hug from Betty Crowe! Can't wait to see more.

  8. It'll be two years in June for me that I've been home and I still thank God every day for it! It's such a blessing to be able to be home and take care of my kids and the home. Enjoy this time with Darbee Rae before she's off to school!!

    I think we are all constantly working on our home. Will any of us get it where we want it? I doubt it because we like to shop and bring home new pieces, lol!

    I have red walls in my dining room and I LOVE them! It took me 2 years because so many people told me not to paint any wall red so I didn't even know I was wanting to so badly. I finally decided it's my house and I want red walls! By golly, I did it, love it, and wish I hadn't listened to all them people and done it sooner. So if you still love it, then keep it!

    I love old wooden boxes. Your centerpiece looks great! The rag balls and candle really give it a prim look, and it's springy too.

    Have a wonderful week~