February 13, 2012

Would you like to join me for a sweet treat? Tutorial included...

Hello Everyone!  I am so happy to be able to post in the middle of the day!  I have enjoyed my first day at home so much.  I have done some cleaning and a little playing.  Darbee Rae has enjoyed staying in her jammies and watching cartoons all morning.  She has played with her toys and helped me with some cleaning.  She also "fixed" her hair.  I must tell you I nearly had a heart attack when she said,"Mommy can you help me."  I turned to see this. 
Yikes!  I can't begin to describe how tight that comb was wrapped in her hair.  Yes...she did a good one.  I nearly panicked.  All I could vision was having to have all of her long hair cut off.  I sat her down and carefully tried to untangle, unwrap, pull, etc. her hair out of the comb.  It took quite a while and left many knots in her hair, but I did get it!  Hooray!!  She has been ordered not to brush or "fix" her own hair again.  What a scare! 

I did get a little crafting done for Valentine's day.  Thanks to Pinterest, Darbee Rae and I made a super cute little surprise for her Sunday School teacher, Nana and aunt Maudie who we are meeting for supper tonight. 

Would you like to join us for a sweet treat?
Nah...you can't eat this one, but it is sure cute!

Here's how you can make your own:
You will need:

*A box of bath salts
*An ice cream glass or any glass you choose (I found mine on clearance at Hobby Lobby)
*A poofy bath sponge (the poofier they are, the better they look)
*Clear baggie for the bath salts

First, pour desired amount of bath salts into clear bag and tie. 

Place upside down in the bottom of your glass so that the tie does not show. 

Insert bath sponge into glass leaving some to "poof" over the top. 

Insert straw into one side of glass.
Then, insert spoon on opposite side of straw. 

You're all done!  You can add a decorative tag if you wish. 

Here's our kitchen table all set with our "sweet treats" for Valentine's day.  Can't wait to give them to their recipients.  What a fun little gift!

We have a busy afternoon planned including a circus that's performing here in our town and then meeting Aunt Maudie and her family for supper.  How fun! 
Enjoy your afternoon! 
Until next time.......


  1. Oh my goodness~Darbee Rae sure made a little mess of her hair!! So glad you were able to get the comb out. Love the gifts you girls made. They are just too sweet.

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  2. They all have to try to be a stylist don't they? So glad you got it out, she has such beautiful hair. Cute project, yay! No calories!

  3. Glad you got that tangled comb out. Monica did that one time she was here. Boy, what a mess that was!!!! So, I can relate!!!!
    Well, now isn't that a cute project!!!!
    Your going to like staying home!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day,

  4. I have had to get that comb out before, too.. Not a bit of fun.. grin..
    Love your gifts.. Have a great time..

  5. Oh the tangles comb scare! Every mother with a child with long hair has felt the same pain! Don't you wonder how they get it in there so tight?lol Love the bath treat! Looking forward to seeing you girls soon.

  6. Well Miss Darbee Rae, I am glad that happened with your Mommy and not me. I bet Nana would have pulled half your hair out trying to untangle you. Thank you for my Sweet Bath Sundae. You and Mommy did a great job. See ya tomorrow and give you Hugs and Kisses on Sweet Day!!! Love you both.

  7. What a cute Bath Sundae!!
    I remember my youngest daughter doing that with a comb in her hair when she was little. Man...was it a pain to get that comb out. No fun!!
    Happy Valentine's day to you and Darbee Ray.

  8. What a sweet gift!
    It must have taken lots of patience to get that comb out! I remember those days well!
    Happy V'Day!

  9. OMG, thank goodness you were able to untangle her hair. What a cute sundae you made> Happy Valentines Day to you both! Take care, Janice

  10. Oh don't you just love Pinterest! We have had a ball with some of the stuff! I had 3 girls so I know all about those do it yourself hairstyles!!! lol