May 17, 2014

Summer Plans

Good morning friends.  It is quite chilly here!  Darbee's class had their end of the year party yesterday.  It was supposed to be a pool party but the temps were in the 40's yesterday morning!  Yikes.  They would have frozen.  They changed it to a playground party.  It was cool and she had to wear a sweater but they had tons of fun! we are officially done.  Darbee is done with school and so am I.  We are ready to enjoy our summer.  So what are our plans?  Nothing much really.

I am looking forward to sleeping late and snuggling with Miss Darbee Rae.

I am looking forward to no schedules and trying out lots of Pinterest activities.

I am looking forward to lunch dates with Darbee and Nana.

I am looking forward to crafting with Darbee and teaching her how to use my embroidery machine.  She is so curious and wants to help and make something.  She is well on her way to learning hot to operate it! (smile)

I am looking forward to learning more about my machine and trying lots of new designs.

I am looking forward to visits to the art studio.  Especially on days when I don't want all of the art supplies pulled out at home.  They have a really cool craft buffet. 

I am looking forward to spending some evening picnics by the lake.

I am looking forward to campfires and roasted marshmallows in our front yard.

I am looking forward to laying a quilt in the front yard and looking at the stars.
A new app called Star Chart is really neat and shows you what stars and 
constellations you are looking at.

I am looking forward to playdates.

I am looking forward to hopefully taking a road trip.

I am looking forward to getting ready for our new school adventure!

I am looking forward to summer...

What are your summer plans?
Are you going on a fun trip?

Until next time....


  1. Yeah for Summer! We have 3 1/2 days left and I so ready for the end of the school year. My summer looks a lot like yours. We have a vacation to the beach mid June and the rest is going to be slow and easy.

    Wishing you many fun, lazy days of summer!

  2. All of the above sounds great to this Nana. Like starting with a lunch date on Monday, huh? Love you

  3. My sister has been gone on a trip for almost a month and I can't wait for her to get back home. However...I'm leaving on a trip on the day she gets home. But we will have lots of sister time when I get back.
    Sounds like you girls will have a great Summer!!

  4. Wow..soounds like your Summer is filed to the brim with things to do! I cannot wait to make some smores with Reeses peanut butter cups at our backyard bonfires..sitting out on the dock watching freighters and just enjoying some warm weather. Janice

  5. Sounds like fun summer plans!! I can't wait for the scheduleless days!! 1 and half more weeks. Yea!