May 31, 2014

It's happening.....we're going for it...

Good morning friends.  Has your summer vacation started yet?  We have been out of school now for a couple of weeks and we are loving it.

We have stayed busy already with lots of play dates and have enjoyed spending days with Nana.  We have a lot of fun library activities and play dates scheduled and hope to work in a quick road trip too.  

Sitting outside watching Darbee run and play gives hubby and I a little bit of time to chat with each other.  These long summer evenings give us time to talk about the past and plan for the future in our conversations.  We have always wanted to take a risk and put our house up for sale and move.  BUT neither of us ever really gave the other one the go ahead and totally agreed on it.  We were scared.  

We have never done anything like that. That's a big step!  Where would we go?  Would we be able to find a place we both loved?  So many questions.  We usually just talked about it and dismissed the thought with "One day we will." 

 Lately, the conversation has come up more and more.  Finally, the other day something told me we should do it.  While we were talking, I said, "Let's do it."  "Let's go for it." 

So guess what?

We are going for it.  We are putting our trust in God that he will take care of it all.  If we are meant to move, it will sell and we will rejoice and be so happy.  We are already looking at homes and have found quite a few we like.  House hunting is so fun!  Nana and I have had fun riding around scoping out places already.  I can't wait to start going inside some of them. 

We will see what the future holds.  I am so excited.  

Wish us luck and I will keep you posted!

Until next time...


  1. I hope it sells and you can have fun finding a new home.
    It is always an exciting time

  2. Yea!!!!!! I can't even telly you how many times this conversation has come up with my husband and I too. It never seems right, or we just go around in circles, or whatever. Congrats!! I can't wait to see where this takes you. Only 5 more days!!! Squeal.......

  3. Selling your home can be excited and scary all at the same time. We rented for 6 years and then built our first home and lived there for 7 years and sold it. We have since lived in this home for 22 years. We have been talking about selling this home and down sizing to a smaller place.
    Hope your home sells quickly and that you find your new dream home.

  4. Wow!
    How exciting.
    May God bless you all on this new journey.
    Woolie Hugs