May 15, 2014

Kindergarten Graduate

Yikes!  The A to Z challenge is over and I have neglected my blog!  We have been very busy with the end of school. I have a ton of pictures to share and will do that soon.  

Today was a very special day that I can't believe how fast it came.  I cannot believe my little girl graduated from kindergarten today!  It was such a sweet program.  She had a gang of folks there to watch her and all of them love her so much.  They were all so adorable.

Please forgive me for the large amount of pictures.  This is a post I want to have the pictures added for my blog book.  

She made a to-do list last night for her graduation day.  This made me smile.

At least she wanted to remember to say thanks for her presents but I love how it was important to remember to post something on Instagram about her graduation.  Haha. 

We started out the morning with the van window decorated!  

She was so excited for a fun day.

She almost ran on stage.  I think she was eager to get started!  :)

They all were precious when the program started off with their morning prayer.  This is such sweet innocent kids so eager to learn.  

Their songs were adorable. 
This was during "This Little Light of Mine."

Near the end, they presented the diplomas.

Darbee with Ms. Becky and Ms. Susan.

My happy graduate.

It was time for lots of pictures afterward.

We were so thankful Nana was doing great and able to be there.  Papa was able to get off work for a little bit and come too!

Stacy was able to get off for a bit as well and be there!  :)

Maudie and Leonard were so sweet to come and help celebrate.

I can't tell you how much I love this kid.  I am so proud of her.

Jane and Beverly came too!

Darbee had a whole gang there to celebrate with her today. 
She is such a blessed little girl!

She wanted pictures with her teachers too.
Ms. Lisa is her music teacher.  We both adore her.

Ms. Maribel is her Spanish teacher. 

This is Ms. Susan, her kindergarten teacher.  She was a great teacher and I am so glad Darbee had the chance to be in her class.  She will not be teaching there next year. :(

Then it was picture time with her sweet friends.  They are all such sweet little girls.
Darbee, Ava and Claire

Kember and Darbee

Darbee and Ivy

Darbee and Ava

Darbee and Francesca Mei

This was waiting on a cute table for the parents.  It was an adorable memory book illustrated by the kids, a cd full of pictures from the year and a t-shirt with all of their pictures on it.  I love it all.

She also got her last report card with all S's!  Way to go!

We left the school and all went out to eat to continue our celebration.
She had a ton of presents!  

Darbee and Kathy

I think Nana was a little excited about Darbee graduating don't ya think?  Hehe..

We enjoyed a yummy Great American Cookie cake.

What a fun day.
I am so blessed.  


  1. congratulations!
    loved the sharing!
    am so very proud of her, what a year!

  2. Congrats to Darbee on her big day of graduating from Kindergarten!!

  3. Congrats for Darbee to finish her wonderful career and to continue her higher studies. Really it was a wonderful day for her!

  4. Congrats, Darbee Rae! Holly, you have some great pictures. Lots of good memories, I'm sure. :)