April 08, 2013

A tough job....

Good evening friends.  I have been a slacker again.  I have been visiting your blogs but I haven't been posting much on mine.  Last week was spring break.  We hung around here and didn't have any major plans.  Life happened and we ended up being pretty busy most every day.
Last night, our preacher's wife called to say a sweet lady in our church had just been rushed to the hospital with no heart beat.  We were over at my aunt's house who also attends our church so she and I headed up to the hospital. We ended up staying until after midnight and sadly she passed away.
Hubby was with Darbee Rae who was very excited that she got to stay over at Kakee's house late and get to be up super late.  She was bouncing off the walls when we got back close to 1:00 a.m.
On the way home she began to question about the lady's death.  What happened?  Is she happy now?  Was she really sick?  Things like that.  She has been to funeral homes and funerals and we have explained to her before that Jesus calls their names and brings them up to heaven to live with him and they are so happy and not sick anymore.  That has always been good enough.
Of course last night when it is so late and we are ready to come in and get ready for bed, she wants to know more.  The conversation went a little like this:

"Mommy, what happened when Ms. Leeda died?"

ME: Well, it's like we have told you.  Jesus called her name and told her to come to him and she went to sleep and Jesus took her to Heaven to live with him.

"O.k. but what really happened?  Did it hurt?"

ME:  No, I don't think she was hurting.  If so, the minute Jesus called her name and she got to Heaven, she wasn't hurting anymore.  She was so happy.

"But what really happened mommy?  Did her body disappear when she died? Where is she really?"

Oh no....I knew I was cornered.  She is smart enough to know that once they are dead they are in heaven but she also has now put two and two together and wants to know more.  She knows they are in Heaven but yet she knows they are still "in the box."  This was a hard one.

I asked hubby how to explain it.  I knew the concept of a soul was a little deep for her yet.  I had to explain and I had to think of something in a hurry.  She came in the house, sat on the couch, crossed her arms and said, "So mommy, what happens?"  I was in trouble.  I had to think quick.

It had to be the Lord that helped me.  This is what I said.  I told her to think of it this way.  Think of your body as a house.  Your skin and bones are the house.  YOU are living inside that "house."  When it comes time to die, Jesus is "magic."  He calls your name and asks you to come live with him.  We can't see it but your "house" stays here and Jesus magically "pulls" you out of your house and flies you up to Heaven.  When you get there, he gives you a new body that isn't sick or hurting or anything.  The old "house body" stays here because it is sick.  Jesus doesn't need it.  He gives you a brand new perfect one.  Whew....I was silently hoping and praying that was good enough.  She responds with a smile and says, "So it's kind of like he tears a hole in your head and pulls you out."  Sure...if that's how you want to think about it.  Sure.  I think she got it.  She did have one more question and it blew me away.  "So mommy, now am I old enough to know how babies are born? "  Oh my little girl....toooooo much for tonight.  No kiddo....you're not old enough yet.  :)


  1. That's my Darbee. You did a great job explaining Holly. Love ya'll

  2. You are such a great Mom, no wonder Angela is proud of you both! Good for you, hoping the letting go won't be so hard for your church family, it is never easy. blessings!

  3. Oh my..Our little ones.
    Great job Mom.

    Woolie Love and Hugs

  4. You never know what is going to come out of the mouth of a babe! Great job explaining death.

  5. Oh wow! Too funny! It will be interesting to see that in the future. You did a great job explaining death though.

  6. Very very great save. I love that explanation. However, I am a firm believer in starting the whole human body thing as soon as they can talk. We read books and saw pictures and answered questions. Kids need to know so much earlier these days to protect them from all the bad forces out there. You have to remember they start younger all the time because of all the careless or corrupt teens and adults. I know it is strong in us to protect our children but deciding how to do that--that is the challenge. I do love your explanation but maybe Jesus pulls our Heavenly body out through our mouths. Could be why we no longer talk after death?

  7. I think you explained that very well...cannot wait for the babies explanaion. :0) Janice

  8. Perfect Holly.Can't wait for the other. Andrew was baptized last Sunday night. Amanda is speaking at a luncheon at my church today.We are blessed.

  9. I'll be staying tuned for the baby explanation too! :) Did you know there are a series of books that you can start reading to kids at her age for this that doesn't get explicit and each book progresses at the appropriate time. They're great! I borrowed them from a friend. I'll have to look them up and get the name for you.

    Seriously, I think you did a great job and I think they are able to grasp more than we think. Luke is the same way having been to many funerals.

    Have a great weekend, Holly!


  10. Oh bless your heart! You did great though! So when do we get to hear your answer to the baby question! Your daughter is a hoot! I love her!

  11. oh my my! Your quick on your toes for that late! and very good answer I must say! and so how's the rest of the answer going to go!!? Good luck, like you did with the death question, pray. and God will give you the right words :)

  12. Holly
    I knnow this is an old post, but I had to comment to let you know just how precious it is.
    Darbee Rae is so fortunate to have a mother like you.
    I think the Lord gave you some quick thinking with an explanation a child could grasp. So much like His parables.