April 26, 2013


Good afternoon everyone.  It's finally Friday!  Woohoo.  I just love weekends.  If he isn't on call, hubby is home with us and we usually stay busy.  I just love it when he is here with us.  Darbee does too.  She likes having him to play outside.  We laugh all the time about how nice it would be if he didn't have to work and could just be here with us all the time.  Do you think we would get tired of each other?  Hmmmm....

Anyway...I posted yesterday that Blogger wouldn't let me upload any pictures.  Not sure what was wrong, but as I tried again today, it worked perfectly!  Whew!  I didn't want you all to think I had given up on my blog.  I haven't.  Just needed a break I guess.

So...since I last posted, we have been keeping busy.  Darbee is nearing the end of her school year and is very excited about her graduation. She is growing so tall and I can't believe my baby is nearly done with her first year of school. 
Here she is on the morning of her cap and gown pictures.  Yes, you read that right.  Cap and gown pictures.  She was so excited.

I received the proofs this week and let me tell ya....my heart skipped a beat.  They are absolutely adorable.  I can't wait to share them with you.

The weather has been warmer and we are really enjoying that.  Darbee loves being outside.  Me-not so much but I will go out some.  
We have already enjoyed our first picnic.
I pulled out an old quilt and we headed up to the lake.

There was a nice breeze blowing and it was a great afternoon.
Hubby tried to teach Darbee how to skip rocks.  
She tried sooo hard but hasn't quite mastered that skill yet.

I know it won't be long with her determination and she will do it.

The warmer weather has allowed us to have outside playdates too!  
We had a fun day with Bayleigh and Braxton and Ms. Stephanie.  
We enjoyed lunch at a local Chinese restaurant and Miss Darbee learned that she LOVED their rice and sweet and sour chicken.  She now asks all the time to go back there.  
I guess eating rice with a large soup spoon makes it better huh?

These two girls have so much fun together can't you tell?  Ha!

We have even had fun when it was raining too. 
Darbee begged to put on her rain gear and play in the puddles.
I couldn't say no.  

She had the BEST time.  
Oh the simple pleasures of being a kid.

Papa has now finished his part of the playhouse.  
It is done.  
Now comes the hard part for us....Painting.  Ugh...
We have to paint the trim, the porch and the inside.  

Look at the counter Papa built.  This will end up being the sink and counter.

We did get the door painted.  It's a bright lime green.

Sorry for the shadow.  
We have a door knocker and a metal mail box to add to the door.  
It is going to be so cute!

The latest news is Darbee's eyes.
She had an eye doctor appointment in Atlanta this week. 
She did great.  She got a great report.  Her eyes look super healthy and her prescription was only increased a little bit.

She was a little nervous, but the nurses and doctor were great!
This was a pediatric doctor so they knew how to make her laugh!

They even had child size disposable sunglasses.  They were so cute!

The hardest part was choosing glasses.
I love the brown ones that she wears now.  We will more than likely have new lenses put in those but Darbee wanted a new look.  I don't blame her.  BUT...picking them out was a tough job.

I got many looks like this.  smile.
Thanks to Nana's opinion, we finally decided on several pair as well as a cool Hello Kitty pair of sunglasses.  They should be back in a week or so.  Can't wait to show you.

I think that's about all for now.  
I promise to do better and update again soon.  

I hope all of you have a great weekend!!


  1. Tell Darbee Rae that sweet n sour chicken is my favorite too! Yummy...even had it for lunch today. Oh how I wish I was young again to play in that playhouse. Papa did an awesome job making it. I've been in a rut myself and have not posted in over a week...just don't feel like Spring here, especially when we had snow earlier this week. Have a great weekend! Janice

  2. So lovely seeing how much you are enjoying being this wee girl's Mom.. It is a wonderful job, isn't it..
    Just spent some time with my wee girl who is all grown up.. Time flies but we keep the memories..

  3. That's my Darbee Rae. She is growing up so fast. Love the black and white of her trying to skip rocks. Just one of those special hugs for her Nana can make a cloudy day turn to sunshine in my heart. Love you both.

  4. she has grown taller, I know you all are so proud of her, her first year almost done, wow! love seeing all her photos, lime green, huumm, sounds good to me. have a great weekend!

  5. Enjoy every minute of her childhood...because they grow up in a blink of an eye. My girls are now 32 and 26...and my granddaughter is turning 13 in two weeks.
    Darbee's play house is looking great!!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I love the black and white photo. Her pony tail blowing in the wind. Beautiful. What a cute outfit she had on at the eye doctor. Yes, they grow up too fast. Enjoy.
    BTW blogger was uploading so slow yesterday. I went for 3 weeks without being able to load any pictures. Have a wonderful weekend.I am planning a very quiet one as it is raining here.

  7. I had the same issue with pictures.

    Great update. Glad to see all is well. Darbee Rae is getting so tall!

  8. She is the cutest thing ever!!!! Glad her eyes are good. Love the playhouse!!!Hope you have a fun filled weekend!

  9. O my gosh, Darbee and I have so much in common! I LOVE Sweet n Sour Chicken and my father made me a real life size play house with real windows, door and even a shingled roof. My aunt made me curtains for each window and I had a wash line my size outside along side the play house. Darbee will cherish that play house always and have the best memories for many years to come...mine was one of my most memorable childhood memories...have a great week..Hugs

  10. Darbee Rae is so cute! Love the outfit she was wearing at the eye doctor! She is really getting tall and love how the playhouse is coming along....so colorful!