March 29, 2013

Feeling Blessed

Good afternoon dear friends.  I apologize for the lack of posts lately.  Things have been pretty quiet around here and I didn't want to bore you.  Ha!
This morning as I was getting ready to take Darbee to school, one of the last things we do is pick out earrings.  Today was a bid day for her at school.  It was her Easter party and egg hunt.  She was very excited and I was too. I got to spend the day with her at school.
As I looked for her Easter egg earrings to wear, I couldn't find them and became frustrated.  I told her we would have to find something else.  I looked thru her earrings and stumbled upon her crosses.  I got them and as I was putting them in her ears, I began to tell her what today was and how today was the day that Jesus died on the cross.  She was happy to wear those earrings.
I was happy to share the story with her.  I always enjoy teaching her about Jesus.

We went on to school and I enjoyed the day.  
I love watching her interact with her friends and see what they do during a school day.

Before they went out to hunt eggs, they got to dye two hard boiled ones.  
Ms. Shanna wrote their name on them with a "magic crayon" and once they were dyed, their names magically appeared!

They left the eggs to dye and headed outside to hunt candy eggs.
Do you think they were a little excited?  Ha!  
They are so silly.

They couldn't wait to take off!  
Ms. Shanna tricked them several times before she FINALLY said "GO!"

Then they were off and running.

Darbee Rae found a lot of eggs!

Each child could have 19, so they had to bring them to Ms. Shanna and count their own with her.
There were so many eggs!

Then it was time for food.
They sang their blessing and then ate their food.  
It warms my heart that she is at a school where it is okay to mention Jesus and it is okay to pray.

After school, I stayed to help clean up.  Darbee Rae and Mia compared eggs and found that they had some that matched!

This afternoon, Papa came by to work a bit on the playhouse.  It is coming along great.  Papa says just a few more afternoons and it will be done!  
I love the porch.  It was added yesterday.  Aunt Maudie and Leonard and Justin came over to bring Darbee her Easter basket from them.  Leonard got in on the working too!  
Thanks to Papa, Leonard and hubby, the porch was done last night.
What do you think so far? 
We still have to paint the trim.  I bought the paint for the door, so that can be done next week.  
The porch will be painted and a new door knob put on.  It is so close to being finished!
I am so excited.  I can't wait to decorate it with Darbee.

While I was outside with my daddy watching him work on the playhouse, I began to think about my life and my family and how blessed I am. I was walking around the yard and saw this in the edge of the woods behind the playhouse.

To many, it would just be useless branches that fell and needed to be discarded.
It was just as if God spoke to me and said, "You're welcome."
I sit here with tears in my eyes as I type.  I can't believe how truly blessed I am.  These last few weeks I have been feeling down.  Winter blues I guess.  But today it was as if God was just giving me a big hug.  A nice reminder of what he did for me.  No matter what we go thru here on earth or what seems so "bad," it can never compare to what he did for us.  
These simple branches made my day.  
The lesson I was teaching my little one today came back and spoke to me this afternoon and for that I am thankful.  Thank you Lord for loving me and for blessing me.

I hope all of you have a happy Easter weekend.

Until next time....


  1. The last picture took my breath away!!!!
    ps I loved all the other sweet pictures too.
    ~Easter Blessings~

  2. It looks like Darbee Rae had a fun time at her Easter party! It's so nice that she can attend a Christian school. I love her little playhouse...and the last photo was awesome. God is so good. Happy Easter to you and your family! ~Karen

  3. Darbee Rae is the cutest little thing ever! Love her playhouse but that Cross in the woods is amazing! Happy Easter!

  4. so touching! love all the pics but especially the cross. it's as though God put it there just for you! you are so blessed and it shows in everything you do! Happy Easter and we love ya'll!

  5. I've got chills! I'm glad darbee and you had so much fun! Sorry you have been feeling the blues too! Its nice to be reminded that God is always around! Maybe a play date will cheer us both up!

  6. I'm so thrilled with her house! just darling, and the outfit she was wearing is just wonderful, those are amazing colors! i love seeing her pictures that you share. You are blessed indeed, and I'm very thankful he touched with the cross. Right there in your own place, he let you know once again how much He loves you! have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  7. Sounds like you had a very Blessed day! Darbee is adorable in her little outfit and I LOVE the fact they sing their blessings before they eat! God is always there and it is beautiful that he showed himself to you with the cross.
    Wishing you a very joyous Easter:)

  8. Isn't it amazing how God shows us that he is with us when we need him. That cross in the woods is awesome!
    Have a happy and blessed Easter!

  9. Holly
    This is the most beautiful post I've read all Easter. Your testimony to how the Lord has lifted you up while you have been down really touched me. And I know that you were lead to that cross for a reason. It just thrills me to hear how the Lord is working in other peoples lives.
    You are so blessed! You have the cutest little daughter and a warm, loving family to share your life with. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  10. Your post was so uplifting to me, Holly! THANK YOU! I have been dealing with winter blues along with being sick and your last words were just what I needed to hear. And I loved all the pics of Darbee Rae enjoying her day! What a lovely thing to share with Darbee Rae too with the crosses. We are so blessed! Glad you enjoyed your Easter!


  11. Love all the pictures! The play house is looking great.

    I loved the earring story, it's wonderful when God gives us those teachable moments. :)

  12. Holly I had goose bumps and teary eyes after reading this and seeing the cross.Oh my we are all so blessed and Darbee gives s many of us pure joy. Thanks and can't wait until we get to visit in person again.