March 25, 2012

Spring photo shoot....

It has been a beautiful day her in the south.  The weather was perfect!  We went to church this morning and lunch with the family.  This afternoon, I couldn't sit inside.  I had to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I decided to dress Darbee Rae up and head to a local park for a photo shoot. 
I LOVE taking picutres.  I would LOVE to do this as a job.  It would be a dream come true.  When I found out I was pregnant with Darbee Rae, I bought a nice camera.  Since then, I have purchased several lenses and some accessories.  I am by no means a pro but it's a fun hobby that I enjoy. I haven't taken her to a portrait studio in several years.  I do them myself.  Saves lots of money!  Ha. 
I was thrilled with how the pictures turned out today. I just had to share some of them with you.  I apologize ahead of time for the number of pictures.  From time to time, I will post lots of pictures of Darbee Rae but I have a reason.  Several times a year, I publish my blog into a blog book for a keepsake.  I have done several already and LOVE them.  I have them to look back on and remember.  So....forgive me for the large number of pictures....I want them in my book!  :)
Can you tell she is used to being in front of a camera?  Ha!

Can you tell she was tired of having her picture made?  Hehe...she's so silly!

Notice the camera in her hand?  Yup..she's picked up my love for cameras too! :)

Thanks for looking. 


  1. Love the pictures. Darby Rae certainly loves to pose.

  2. Happy Monday Holly!
    Beautiful pictures. Darby is just so beautiful.
    Blessings Trace

  3. she is a most beautiful child. I know she is loved and I love her spirit and willingness to pose! :)

  4. Little Miss Darbee Rae is such a pretty girl, these are beautiful pictures Holly! I just love her pretty smile. The last 2 pictures are precious, love the ones of you and hubby with her!

  5. Great photos! She is growing so fast and her hair is so long and beautiful!

  6. Beautiful photos!!
    Darbee Rae is so cute!!

  7. I believe you have the makings of a beautiful model in your future. Love the pis. Take care, Janice