March 04, 2012

Be careful what you do...

for you never know whose little ears may be listening or whose little eyes may be seeing everything you do. 
That is a lesson I have learned ever so well today.

I have always heard this statement but always passed it off with a grain of salt.  Yeah yeah....whatever.  Over the last few years since Darbee Rae has been born, I have tried to carefully watch what I say and do as not to ever influence her in the wrong way.  I want to be the best mother I can be to her and teach her the right ways. 
Most of you know, we go to a rather small church.  We attend Sunday school, however there are no other small children in our church, so Darbee Rae is in a class alone.  She enjoys being with her teacher and we love her very much.  She has learned so much from her especially having her all to herself. 
This afternoon at evening service, she wanted to talk to me and tell me about something Darbee had told her this morning.  What would you have done?  I did what any other mother probably would have done and took a deep breath and drew up in a knot....what had my child said?  Oh no...I was ready for the worst....

Let's pause this story for a minute and get a little background info to better help you understand the story.  My aunt Kathy and her family live less than 5 miles from us.  We go over to their home most every evening.  Darbee Rae loves them dearly.  Kathy has been having to take B12 shots for the past week and has told Darbee about them.  Knowing how Darbee hates shots, Kakee has spared most of the details, however Darbee has been very concerned if the shots hurt or not. 
Now back to our story...

This morning in Sunday school, Ms. Gwynne asked Darbee if she had any prayer requests and Darbee said yes.  She asked her teacher to please pray for "Kakee" because she was getting lots of shots.  She explained to Ms. Gwynne that Kakee had to get a shot every day to help her feet and they really HURT!  She really wanted to pray for her.  It really touched my heart that Darbee would remember all of the details and remember almost a week later to ask prayer for Kakee.  A quick lesson careful what we talk about, because she doesn't miss a thing! 

As we were getting ready for evening services this afternoon, Darbee came in the room with her "high heels" on and asked me if she could wear them to church.  As I looked down at her feet, I quickly said, "No."  Did they match her outfit?  No.  Were they church shoes?  No. 
A sad look quickly crept across her face and she said, "But I want to be like Ms. Kathy at church (a different Kathy) who wears high heels all the time."  How could I say no to that?  What other child would notice the shoes one wears all the time? 

So...this is how my little girl went to church this evening......

Yes...wearing her high heels and a big ole grin.  Another lesson learned.  Be careful of my actions, for I know she doesn't miss a thing! 

It was a great Sunday here in GA.  I hope all of you have had a great Sunday as well. 


  1. Morning Holly!
    Wonderful post. Just love it. WHat a sweetie.
    Love heels too.
    Happy Monday

  2. Oh my goodness! Not surprised at all by the prayer request. You and Amanda have taught those children well. The high heels were a delight. How neat of you to allow her to wear them. Hope you haven't started a trend!lol Have a great one.

  3. She's a peach! Just plain precious.

  4. Oh Holly, you are such a great Mother.. I am so proud of you, Stacy and of my preious Darbee Rae. The prayer request touched my heart as well as that of her "Aunt Kakee". Darbee is wise beyond her years. Loved her heels at the service last night. She really felt good about herself. Too cute. Love ya'll.

  5. Holly
    You're a very smart mother!
    Little DarbeeRae is so precious.
    It's wonderful she has developed
    a tender and caring heart at
    such a young age.

  6. Children are just so smart these days. eh? She is really precious!!
    God bless...

  7. This post made me chuckle as my own children did the same thing to me when they were younger. Take care, Janice

  8. Yes Holly, these kids see and hear all!!!! When Monica stayed here one Sat night and getting ready for church the next morning, she wanted to wear these dangly earings that I used to wear, but gave them to her to play with. As I always have earings on she wanted to wear these earings that didn't match her outfit at all!!!! Everyone commented on her earings!!!!

    Have a good week,

  9. Holly~wonderful story~Darbee is so precious, how cute are them shoes, adorable~
    thanks for sharing~