December 02, 2014

Need your help

There is no excuse. I am a slacker! I have missed visiting with you all and have promised to do a post a day through December. 
Our elf retured yesterday! 

Darbee has waited and waited for this day. The package was sent straight from the North Pole!
When she opened the box, she was totally surprised. Our old elf, Elmer was in there but he brought along a friend. A new elf in training. A GIRL elf!! 
You see, Elmer has a hurt arm. He returned this year with a festive colored sling and a note saying he will now reside permanently on lur tree. He will oversee the new elf and be here to answer anybquestions she may have but he will not fly back to the North Pole each night. He will take a rest this year. 

Ournew elf is so cute. She even has earrings!

She is already up to mischief. This morning, she had packed Darbee's lunch.

What a lunch huh? 
We just have one problem. We can't figure out a cute name for her. So...we are asking for your help. 
Come up with a catchy name and leave it in the comments. Send your friends over to visit and have them leave a comment and become a follower too. On Friday, Darbee will choose her favorite name and that winner will receive a prize. How fun!

I hope all of you are having a happy holiday season so far. 


  1. How about Jingle Bella?
    Glad to see you back Holly, that would be a good name too! :)
    Be blessed

  2. Cindi's name is cute. I'll go with Merry. Warm Blessings! Amy

  3. How about Evie... I think that Elmer and Evie could get into a lot of fun trouble for Christmas.

  4. Oh my too cute.
    I like Ella ...Ella Mae and Elmer sitting in a tree..
    A Christmas Tree.
    So fun.
    Woolie Christmas Hugs

  5. I agree Ellie! BTW Mollie has the girl and called her ABCD!lol No idea why.

  6. Wanted to say I love watching your elf! I found Andrews in the freezer once.

  7. I love all of the names given..this will be ahard one for you.I put out my elves, but they do not have a name. Jaice