December 07, 2014

More Santa Fun

Good evening! I hope you all are having a fun weekend.  Are you ready for Christmas? I am not finished with my shopping. Still a few treasures left to buy. 
We have had a fun weekend here. Our elf, Jingle Bella has been visiting each day and luckily so far she hasn't made a big mess. 

She was found one morning reading a new Pinkalicious Christmas book to some friends. She brought her a neat foam gingerbread house to put together and decorate. 

Another morning, she decided to make her own puffy paint ornament. These did not work by the way. They would not pull off of the wax paper.  I had someone suggest doing them on clear file folders.  She said they peeled easily off of those.  We will try them again. 

We made our math lesson festive on Friday using red and green cubes for our game. We just have two more weeks of school and we are out for Christmas break.  I can't wait!

My husband's work hosts a breakfast with Santa each year. Darbee always looks forward to it. It is catered by Chic-fil-a and lots of fun. She had fun making Christmas crafts and talking to Santa.
She made a pinecone Christmas tree.

She also made reindeer food for Christmas Eve night. I am sure those reindeer will love all of the glitter she put in. Hehe.

I really like these gift tags she made. I think we are going to make more of these at home to put on our presents. What a cute idea and super easy!

Santa was great. The tree is always beautiful!

Even Ms. Clause took time off from her work to come and visit.

We enjoyed a fun afternoon shopping with Nana afterward and went to a Christmas play in the evening. Whew! Such a fun time of the year!

What is your facorite activity you have done so far this holiday season? Take time to make a special memory. 

Until next time.....


  1. I love that Jingle Bella is reading a book to her friends. :)
    That tree is beautiful! Glad Darbee is having fun! Bummer about the puffy paint clings. I hope you can find something that works out.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. FINALLY the elf has a name. Love being with my girls always, but especially during this time of year. Oh,,, so different from last year,,, so thankful!!! Love ya

  3. What fun you all had. Great photos of Darbee with Santa :)

  4. Darbee Rae's outfit is so cute!

    We started a new tradition this year. We celebrated St. Nicholas Day. The night before, we put our shoes next to our bedroom doors and the next morning they were filled with candy. Coins to represent the coins that St. Nicholas shared with others, a candy cane to represent his staff, and a mini pack of m&m's just for fun! This has been our favorite memory so far! :)