July 22, 2013

Staying Busy

Good afternoon! Can you believe July is almost over?  Where has this month gone?  I have even seen several posts on Facebook of kids already heading back to school! Oh my.  I'm sure not ready for that yet.  Let's slow down! 

We have been enjoying our summer and staying very busy.  Last week was an especially busy one as we had play dates nearly every day! 

On Monday, Papa came and worked a bit more on the playhouse.  I promise it is going to be done soon.  All of you have waited so patiently. You see miss priss decided she didn't like the regular walls with the studs showing.  We decided to paint them to help the look.  The walls were soaking up the paint.  It was going to take a gazillion gallons of paint to get it done. So we all decided it would be easier to put up paneling for walls.  On a trip to Lowe's to just look and get prices, miss D decides she wants bead board paneling.  Expensive taste huh?  We explained we would have to save for those kind of walls and so that has been the hold up.  We got the paneling last week and Papa was so sweet to devote a whole day of his off day to work and hang it.  I must admit, it is so pretty!  It looks like a real house!  We still have to hang curtains, decorate and make a few tweaks.  I promise not much longer though.

I will give you a preview of the outside so far.  Most of the trim is done except the part up top that I can't reach.  That will be done soon. 

Here is the counter/desk area inside before the walls were hung.  The white side is going to be the sink and stove area and the purplish pink side is going to be a desk.

Papa did surprise Darbee while he was working by putting her up a swing.
She was squealing with excitement.  It is so cute!

Monday also kicked off our week of VBS.  Darbee was so excited to go.  I taught crafts again this year.
Darbee had fun singing the songs and telling me what she learned each night.  
Here she is being the helper with the pledge to the Bible.

On Wednesday, we had a play date with a friend from Darbee's school.
We have not seen anyone from her class all summer and she was missing them.
We met Matthew and his mom and sister at Monkey Joe's to play.
They had a great time playing and jumping.  
We enjoyed lunch with them afterward.
The picture is a little blurry because they were jumping around and being silly. 
They enjoyed their afternoon.

Thursday afternoon, we met up with Mia who was also in Darbee's class this past year.
Darbee and Mia quickly became really good friends and Darbee has been asking all summer to see Mia.
Our schedules finally worked out and we were so proud!
We met them at a local art studio, Bubbles and Brushes.
They had so much fun creating their own masterpieces.

Darbee made a canvas for her baby doll to go in her playhouse.  How sweet.
We enjoyed Starbucks at the book store afterward and the girls had a fun time playing in the kids book section together.  We can't wait to get together again soon.

Friday, was mama's day. LOL.  Darbee and I met a group of teachers I use to work with at Olive Garden for lunch. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up.  I loved working with all of these ladies and miss seeing them everyday.  Most of them have since taken other paths so it is fun to get together and keep in touch with what is going on in everyone's lives.  I forgot to take a picture of all of us but there were 10 there!  Wow! 

Other than a birthday party, we had a rather lazy weekend which was welcome after our busy week.
We did squeeze in a little swimming time at Aunt Kate's pool in between showers. 

Another week of rain on and off each day. Ugh!
It has rained so hard it has looked white outside.  Darbee said it was snowing.  LOL.
I am so ready to see the sunshine for a while!

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer. 
Take care!

Until next time...


  1. I wonder if we took all the batteries out of our clocks we could then slow things down? "smile"
    Everyone else might have been patient, but I want that playhouse done!!!!! Love ya

  2. I just finished back to school shopping tonight. School starts next Wednesday! :( I am not ready! (do you think if I stamp my foot and pout when I say that I can delay it a little?!)

    It looks like you have been keeping busy. I love the playhouse. Bead board... a girl after my own heart. :) It is going to be so cute!

  3. What a cool fun playhouse! Cannot wait t see the inside. Janice

  4. LOVE the play house!! Brings back so many memories for me! Darbee is going to have so much fun and the memories will last forever! Such a special papa for making the house and swing....Enjoy the rest of your summer. Hugs..K

  5. Wow you have been busy and the playhouse is every little girl's dream I think.. Take care, dear..

  6. Very busy but oh so rewarding it sounds like to me! Can't wait to see the finished palace!
    Be blessed,