January 08, 2013

Don't Laugh!

Good evening friends.  It's been a rather dreary day here.  I haven't got a lot done.  Been lazy!  I can't seem to get too motivated.  
I have started a new project.  When my mom, Darbee Rae and I went on a girls trip to Pigeon Forge, we both bought punch needle kits.  Mama has completed several.  Me-just haven't got around to it.  I decided to pull it out the other night and start my kit.  
You can't laugh if I show you.  Remember, I am new to this. Ha!

I've only got two rows done, however I am excited to finish it!  Guess when it is done it will be a good excuse for a girls trip huh?  I will need another kit huh?  (SMILE)

I do have a little excuse for getting nothing much done today.  
Let me tell you about my situation yesterday.

First, let me tell you about her school.
Her school is beside a bank which has always made me a bit nervous, but they are very secure.  All of the doors at the school stay locked and a passcode must be used to get in.  Once the children are in, they never leave inside.  There is an enclosed bridge that connects the two buildings.  I love that.  The only time they go outside is for the playground and they are inside a fence then. 

Now to yesterday.
I was sitting in car rider line for pick up and was looking around.  There were two men in the parking lot.  They were in front of where cars pull into the teller lines.  One walked over towards the ATM and the other walked over near a parked car right beside the car rider line.  He sort of propped himself up onto a car that obviously wasn't his.  He was very fidgety and looking around a lot.  He kept an eye on the man that walked over to the ATM. I seriously thought they might be about to rob the bank or the ATM.  The one near the ATM disappeared.  I have no idea where he went.  The one near the car rider line positioned himself facing the school where they were loading kids in the cars.  He would stare at the car line and then back up to where the kids were being loaded.  He didn't miss a move.  He stared constantly.  It made me VERY nervous.  I am not passing judgement on anyone, don't get me wrong. BUT.  1. Why was he standing there when the bank was open?
2.  He was not dressed nicely and had on heavy boots and a toboggan. Another reason to look suspicious. 3. Why would you stand and never break your gaze on a school's car rider line?
Do you see why I had a reason to be nervous?  I was a basket case last night.  I sent a text to her teacher making her aware of it and never heard nothing back.  She is usually really good about writing you back.  Usually almost immediately.  I debated on even taking her to school today.  I guess I was over reacting but who wouldn't now days?  Hubby told me to go ahead and take her but to drive back thru there several times during the day.  Luckily, we live only about 2 miles from the school. 
Well...to make matters worse...or maybe better.....when I pulled into car rider line this morning, there was a police sitting in the parking lot across the street from the school facing the school and watching. That made me feel a little better but then at the same time, a little worse.  Maybe there was something up.
Needless to say, I accomplished NOTHING while she was in school.  When I picked her up, I was so relieved she was home, I just sat and did nothing.  
I am not ready for this.  I prayed and prayed and prayed for her and the safety of the school.  I know that is really all I can do, but it's so hard not to still worry.  She is my baby.  

Thanks for listening. I know many of you have school aged children or someone in your family involved in a school setting that you worry about and I am not the only one.  

I hope all of you have had a great day.
Until next time...


  1. I would be a basket case if I had children in school...I get nervous for my grands. So sad since Sandy Hook. I use to punch needle and I was good at it. I tried to do it again a few weeks ago and could not get it. LOL Good luck! Janice

  2. Good luck with the punch needle. It's a cute little pattern. I don't blame you being nervous about the school. Nowadays you don't dare discount it when you get a bad feeling.

  3. Holly
    I don't blame you for being nervous, especially considering all that happen these days. You're just being a good Mom!

  4. Holly,
    I would of been nervous too. We had helicopters flying low around here today and they went over the house several times like they were searching for something or someone...and it made me very uneasy.
    Good luck with your punch needle. I've wanted to try it, but never have.

  5. So far so good I think with your punch needle! Punch needle isn't my "thang" so I have no tips. lol.

    I would have been very suspicious of those men too. Sad that our world is so different compared to when we were kids. So much to be worried about!

  6. When I heard about Sandy Hook, I was in Clinton, so I went to see Amanda. My first thought was I want her to homeschool.(those were her thoughts too)You cannot shield children from life, but you can protect, which you did and do. I would be mindful, could have been a custodial thing going on and it could have been a bank robbery survey. Anyway we just have to vigilant and prayerful. Can't wait until you come to get another kit.lol

  7. I think your feelings are completely understandable.

  8. Oh friend I would have been a mess. I sadly don't trust many.
    Praying for Darbee and all our children.
    Woolie hugs

  9. Holly, I totally understand your concern. I don't think we can be too cautious about our kids' safety. Will keep Darbee Rae and her school in my prayers.

  10. Oh my. You and I must be from the same mold. I would have done the same thing. Any little suspicious thing.....any......and I will be all over it in the school telling people. On the phone to the police....whatever. The principal probably things I am that crazy mom. Better to be safe though. You are all your kids have got. I have been so worried to send my kids to school ever since....then. You know. In my mind I am planning the schools new safety regulations for them. Designing new doors and locks and systems. Etc. Hope the rest of the week goes ok. -Steph-