January 05, 2013

100th post a year later....

Good evening friends!  
It's hubby's on call week/weekend, so he has been at work all day.  Darbee Rae and I spent the day at Nana's.  What a better way to spend the day huh?  Darbee had fun rambling in the attic with Papa and finding some treasures.  Nana and I caught up on the latest gossip and just enjoyed being together.

I realized when I started this post, it is post number 100!  Wahooo!!!  I also realized I have now had this blog for 1 year!  I can't believe how many good friends I have made thru this blog and how much each I look forward to visiting with all of you each day.  I am lucky to have met at least one of my followers and would love to have the chance to meet each and every one of you!  You are all such kind hearted and thoughtful souls.  Thank you for being a follower and sticking with me. I think that calls for a celebration huh?  Who wants to party with me?

Well..we might not have a big party, but I am joining in on the bandwagon with fellow bloggers and hosting the 2013 Creative Pay It Forward.
I have seen and shared this on Facebook and now thought it would be fun to do on my blog and what a better time than now to celebrate the anniversary of such good friends following my ramblings each post.  

This is meant to be fun.  The first 5 people to comment on this post saying they would like to join in on the "Pay It Forward 2013" will receive a gift from me sometime during this year.  It could be something cool I find and think you will like or something homemade.  That's the fun of it.  It is a surprise.  I will contact the first 5 and ask for your shipping info. 

The rules are simple:

1.  You must offer the same on your blog.  You must do a post and follow through throughout the year.

2.  This is only open to USA and Canadian bloggers.  

3.  Remember to leave a comment on THIS post saying you would like to participate in the "Creative Pay It Forward."

4.  After I have contacted you for your shipping info., you must do a post offering it on your blog.

That's it!  Have fun!


  1. Hi Holly! Congrats on 100! I'm already doing the PIF .Love the new look of your blog but your words need to be a little bigger hard to read.Have a wonderful weekend!~Amy

  2. Happy 1 year Blog Anniversary!

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary and congrats on 100 posts.

  4. Even though I would love to have something from you, I better not commit until I get my house in order from moving. But I did want to wish you congrats on your 100th post! Woo Hoo! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so proud of my farm table!

  5. Hi Holly, I think you can sign up for my PIF and I can sign up for yours. No one said that we couldn't.
    If you want to get a special gift from me just make another comment and on the side of my blog you can email me all your information.
    If I can join yours just let me know!
    Big Hugs and Blessings,

  6. Darn, wish I had seen this earlier! Congrats on the 100rh post! :)