September 04, 2012

She Made It....

Or maybe I should title this post...I made it!  Ha!
I woke up a VERY happy and excited little girl this morning.  She jumped up and was dressed by 7:30 and didn't have to be at school till 8:50!  She had plenty of time to get awake and have breakfast...a poptart.

I got all of my tears out last night and promised myself I would be good this morning.  The only time I teared up was reading all of your sweet comments.  I have to say a special thank you to all of you for your sweet comments and thoughts.  They meant so much.

Hubby doesn't have to be at work till 8, so he was able to see her this morning.
She gave daddy some good lovin before he left for work.

We were ready to go and of course I had to get some pictures.  I took pictures all morning...
Darbee would ask, "Why are you taking a picture of my breakfast?"  Hehe...I wanted to make sure I didn't miss a thing.

I got a lot of looks like this...(SMILE)

But I got some cute ones when she wasn't looking.

She had plenty of time to watch cartoons.

Thanks to Pinterest, I had the cutest idea for a sign.  I painted a canvas with spray chalkboard paint and it made the cutest little sign.

We had to take pictures inside and outside of course...

She was so ready to go! 

She had to call daddy and Nana on the way.

Hubby surprised her and met us there.
They originally said to drop them off in the car line.  I was thrilled when there was a line
waiting outside to walk them in.  I wanted to so bad for her first day.
I asked Darbee, "What do you want me to do?  I will drop you off in the car line or walk
you in to your class." Her reply, "I don't care.  It doesn't matter to me what you do!" glad she was that confident and ready to be there...but I DID walk her in. :)

She headed right up to her teacher to turn in her "homework."

And took a seat at her table to be ready for her fun day.

I gave her a hug and kiss and told her I had to go. Her response?
"Yay..leave now!"  

Did I cry all the way home?  NO...I went shopping!  Went and developed pics. and ran a few errands.
Time went fast and she was so happy when she got in the car.
She told me all about her day and is so excited to go back tomorrow!

This afternoon, it was rainy and cool.  She and I cuddled on the couch and in no time she was out!

Gonna take a little adjusting huh?

One happy girl and of course a happy mama!

Until next time....


  1. Oh, Darbee is so sweet!
    Poor Mama. It will get easier with each passing day. It's so good that she wants to go.

  2. So glad you both had a good day. I missed your first day of college and Darbee Rae's first day of school. Thank God for cell phones and skype. Love you both and miss you.

  3. Good girl Darbee Rae. I bet school was so much fun:) My baby's first day of school was today too. She couldn't wait to get to school. I cried all the way home too. But, I am happy that she was confident enough to go without the tears and clinging. I have one that still does that after 4 years and it can get a bit frustrating. New adventures await. -Steph-

  4. I love ALL of your pictures! I am so glad that you were able to capture this special day! I really love the pic of her and Stacy... and your chalkboard canvas looks amazing! :o) I am glad that you both had a good day!

  5. just too cute!
    love that little sleep photo, look just how cute her little feet are, she is just so precious, what a blessing to your family!

  6. Yay, Darbee Rae:) This is such an exciting time for her, hang in there does get easier. Love the chalk board sign and your pics really tell a great story. God Bless, K

  7. It looks like the first day of school was a good her smile!! And you going shopping was a great thing to do. It really does get easier as each day goes by.

  8. Oh I remember the girls first few months in school how tired they were afterwards.So cute her all tuckered out.Good it went well for her first day.She sure is a confident little

  9. Yea!!!! If only all students were so excited. As a teacher, watching kids from K on up come the first day is mixed emotions. You see the parents. You see the little K's - some terrified (one almost tore off my finger from gripping it so hard) and some like your little darling- see ya! Then you get my 5th graders who just rolls out of bed without combing their hair. Nice!

    Your daughter's outfit is adorable! I am so glad you made it through the first day! I love her excitement. My first day ended like hers. No cuddling though. Just past out on the couch!

    Thank you for sharing the pictures and letting us share in your special day!


    1. Thanks Heather! It sure made things a lot easier for me with her being so excited. She was still quite excited this morning. I'm sure hoping it lasts! I've had so many pre-k kiddos come in screaming and scream half the day! :) Hope your beginning is going well!

  10. AH! alls well that ends well.
    She is such a little princess and I am glad she was happy. You too, Holly. You know what they say. When the going gets tuff, the tuff go shopping!

  11. Glad she had a good first day and that you made it! :)

  12. Oh so exciting.
    Thanks for sharing her first day of school.
    She is such a hoot.
    Hugs to you MOM!

  13. Goood for you for going shopping! I'm sure that helped the time pass more quickly and keep your mind off it! It's hard because although we want them to be confident and secure, it's hard to let go of them to do that. Just think of it as a new chapter. Find something to do special everyday when she gets home. Bless your heart! She did look adorable! What a cutie she is!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Darbee is/was so ready for school!!! Looks like she had a good time. Cute outfit.