July 08, 2015

Thank you Lord....

Before I write anything else, I first have a huge praise report. In my last post I was asking you to help me pray for Darbee's tummy and that this diagnosis and the medication would be the answer. She took the strong antibiotics and thankfully had NO side effects!  After nearly 7 years of hurting, I am so very happy to report that my girl has been pain free for over a week! Near the end of her medication, she could already tell a difference. She has also been able to return to her normal diet and is eating pretty much anything she wants. She has had gluten, dairy and things with eggs in them with no problems whatsoever. I give the credit to Jesus for healing my girl. Thank you Lord for giving this doctor the knowledge to think to test for this bacteria and knowing what to do. Thank you for praying for her too. 
You know, she went to VBS a few weeks ago and they made prayer pads. She brought hers home and put it beside her bed. She was so excited.

That night, she got really quiet and I couldn't find her. When I finally found her, this is what she was doing. 

I just stood at her door and soaked up the moment. Oh how I hope and pray that this girls always has a desire for Jesus in her life. So this prayer pad started something. She and I now pray together at this prayer pad or mine (she made me one too) every night. We pray out loud together. We talk about our prayer requests and I pray first and then she prays. I can't tell you what this time together means to me. It has done my heart so good and oh how I love talking about Jesus with her. 

I have prayed and prayed so hard with her for healing of her tummy. For her not to hurt. She has heard my prayers and knows I wanted her to feel good more than anything. Jesus hard those prayers and has helped my girl feel better and I will be forever grateful. Now every night during our prayer time, I thank him for what he has done. 

We were riding in the car a few days ago and she told me she felt like a brand new person. She said she had had days before when she felt better but she had never felt like this. This makes my heart so happy. 

Until next time....


  1. Oh baby, you made this Nana and Papa shed a few tears. Always give God the glory. Praying is something we all need to do more of. We are so happy that Darbee Rae is no longer in pain. Does our hearts good. Love you and that baby with all our hearts.
    Nana and Papa

  2. Oh Holly that is such wonderful news! God is so good! I am sure that Darbee learns her love and and desire for Jesus by the example you set. You are a good mom.
    Be blessed,

  3. Wow...that second picture brought tears to my eyes! :') So beautiful! I love this idea. We may have to use it as well! <3

    PS. So happy that Darbee Rae is feeling so much better!