June 16, 2014

New goodies

Good afternoon! 
I love getting new things....don't we all? But I especially love getting new things for my home. And you know what makes that even better? When it is handmade. And...to top that off, handmade by my daddy. 

We have a Five Below store here that opened a few months ago. Have you heard of that store or do you have one in your area? Everything in the store is $5 or less.  Darbee LOVES going in there and I do too sometimes. I saw in a recent store flyer where they were getting in 1 gallon glass drink dispensers. I couldn't believe they were only going to be $5. We went soon after they went on sale and I bought one. I tried it out to make sure it didn't leak and it worked perfectly.  Yesterday, I found a picture of one on a wooden stand. Oh how I loved it. I sent the picture to mama and told her to tell Daddy to make us one. He is so good. On HIS day yesterday, he made us both one just like the picture. I couldn't believe it. I got mine this morning completely done. Painted and all. 

I LOVE it. I can't wait to mix up some summer punch and serve it in it. I think i should have some friends over to enjoy it with us don't you? 

I also have had a new quilt for my bed for quite some time. I have waited to put it on the bed until summer since it wasn't as thick as our comforter. I decided to put it on just the other day and I LOVE it.

 I found the quilt and the shams on sale at Lid'l Dolly's in Pigeon Forge, TN. We love going there. In fact, we were just talking about sneaking in a girls trip up there today. We should do it don't you think? Hehe. 

I love adding special touches to our home. I hope I can add special touches to a new one soon. We are looking and still hoping to sell ours soon.....if it is meant to be. 

I hope you all have had a good day!  Thanks for stopping by. 

Until next time.....


  1. Yes, I think a girls getaway is just what we need . Just got to convince the Mister of that one later this evening. Should I sneek and go pack already? {hehe} We are two blessed ladies to have a talented hubby and Daddy who loves to please us.. Love my stand as well. And you know I love your bedding. Enjoyed our outing today as well. Love ya

  2. Love the wood stand for the drink dispenser. Beautiful quilt!!

  3. Wonderful findings! Looks great! Bed spread looks good!

  4. Woohooo love your new treasures.
    Your dad rocks.
    Your quilt looks beautiful too.
    Woolie Huge

  5. Looks good and love your drink dispenser and stool for it. Perfect. Sorry we couldn't connect this trip, but you all will be back