August 10, 2013

Something's missing.....

Good morning!  It's such a pretty day here.  The sun is shining bright but it is going to be HOT! Where is fall?  I am so ready to pull out the pumpkins and start decorating.  What about you?  When do you decorate? I think I will wait until after Labor day and then bring it all out.  

We have been busy with our last few weeks of summer.  School went back here in our County but thankfully with Darbee being at a private school, she doesn't go back until after Labor Day.  Woohoo!  We can go to the park now during the day with no crowds and we have already taken advantage of that!  We are squeezing in a few last play dates next week and enjoying every bit of time we have before she returns.

I have to say thank you to all of you who commented and sent well wished for Stacy.  He is feeling much better.  I think he is gonna make it  You all are so kind and I told him about all of your comments. 

Do you remember losing teeth as a child?  I sure do.  It was always a big deal.  It would be finally loose enough to be pulled and I would chicken out.  I would cry.  I would hide.  I wouldn't open my mouth.  I was scared it was going to hurt. But I can remember being soooo excited once my daddy finally got it out.  I was like a new person. Smile.

Darbee's first tooth was pulled at the dentist.  It wasn't a big deal.  She was numb and it was out.  But this was her first one that was wiggly.  It was finally loose and needed to come out.  She really wanted it out but just as her mama was scared, so was she.  There were lots of moments like this over the last week.

I felt so bad for her.  It was aggravating but she was so scared it was gonna hurt.  We finally decided to let Papa try to get it out.  After more tears at his house, he said it wasn't ready.  He told her he could get it but it would hurt a little bit.  NO WAY!  He told her to wiggle it some more for the next few days and it would really be ready.  I think that is all she did.  She worked with it so much she had it all the way out in the back.  It was only being held by a little bit of skin in the front.  She still wouldn't let anyone near her mouth.  :)  

I finally told her (once I knew it was now really ready to come out) that it had to be out before our Disney trip.  I knew she was nervous but I also knew it wasn't going to hurt a bit now.  It was so ready. 

I begged and begged her to let her daddy or Papa pull it.  No way.  
Thursday night, Stacy was brushing her teeth as he always does and I was listening to the talk as they normally do.  Their conversations are sometimes so entertaining. They finished brushing and it was time for her mouthwash.  I sort of tuned them out knowing she would come running in the living room to me like she always does when they are done.  But she didn't.  Things got might quiet in there.  I asked what they were doing and Stacy said he was just looking at that tooth.  I heard no whimpering or crying so I knew he wasn't pulling it.  Just a second later, she comes running in the living room screaming and jumping and laughing.  I took one look at her and I knew it.  The tooth was gone!  She was beside herself.  No pain....her daddy got it out!!!  She was thrilled.
She couldn't stop screaming and laughing.  She was so proud of herself. 
I was so proud too!  The tooth fairy would come and she could finally use her new tooth fairy pillow I made for her.

I didn't think she was ever going to calm down enough to sleep, but she finally did and the tooth fairy did come. 

The tooth fairy left a letter also!  She explained that she left her a few extra dollars to spend on her trip to Disney. She also explained how brave Darbee was and how proud she was of her.

Darbee was so excited when she woke up!  She read the letter to me and couldn't wait to call daddy and Nana.

She is so proud and wants the other ones out now! LOL.  She has two more wiggly ones! 
I think the tooth fairy needs a job!

Before she went to bed, she wanted to write a story about losing her tooth.  She wanted to write it all by herself with no help from mommy or daddy.
She got her stuff and began to write.  When she was finished, this is what she showed me.  I think she did pretty good for a kid who hasn't started kindergarten yet huh?  She sounded out her words all by herself.  I am so proud of her.

I must explain.  The sentence that says her daddy was brushing her teeth, e, her tooth wiggled.
They have a method for brushing.  They brush Ahh, sides, e and tongue.  LOL.  "E" is the front.  SMILE.  She knew what she was writing about. :)  So cute and something I will treasure forever. 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Until next time....


  1. I am so proud this one is out..... but how many more to go....yikes!!! Enjoyed her so much last night. Love you both and of course Stacy too.

  2. Holly this story is so cute.
    I still remember how scared I was.
    Darbee looks so sleepy the next morning..poor thing got herself so worked up.
    You all will have a blast in Disney World.

  3. How how adorable! And yes, I am 39, but I do remember those teeth pulling days of mine. Since I am a teacher, the reminder is always there. It is funny to see everyone's strategies of getting their teeth out! I was a twister. Ugh. I am so glad those days are over!

    And, I didn't need help reading what she wrote. She did REALLY well! I am impressed. I had to go back to see again what grade she was going into! Well done, Darbee Rae!!!!!

    Blessings and hugs to you both!!!

  4. Yeah for Darbee! What a precious story she wrote. :)

  5. Oh how fun and exciting! Thanks for sharing! Great job on the story!
    Be blessed,

  6. Oh gosh I remember those days all too well. It's so hard for them to understand that it won't hurt but a second.

    It's almost pumpkin time here! I start when the kids go back to school and that is TODAY! I wish we had a few more weeks to enjoy the summer. Have fun these next couple of weeks~

  7. I love a daddy that will brush their little girl's teeth. How sweet. That tooth fairy is very generous! Enjoy that Disney trip. We enjoyed ours so much last year.